In Brest, the commercial port is overflowing with vehicles to the chagrin of traders – Brest

The subject is not new. It had calmed down with the covid crisis and a fluctuating commercial activity. But with the arrival of fine weather and the return to a certain normality, the pros of the commercial port of Brest are once again under pressure. They denounce through a collective the difficulty of parking at noon on weekdays. The chain car park and the various free parking spaces on the port attract a large number of motorists who do not always come to consume.

While part of the customs platform has been returned to pedestrians, the Malbert platform is full every day. This does not facilitate purely maritime activities. (Photo Le Télégramme/Stéphane Jézéquel)

Free long-term car parks

How many vehicles are parked in the port for several days after their owner has taken the train or the boat? The sucker cars are one of the black spots of parking on the port. A few streets have moved into the blue zone (limited parking time using a disc) but the problem has not been resolved and seems, according to traders, to increase from year to year. In question, the number of places which are gradually decreasing and the strong development of the area in hotels and shops. “Create more and more buildings, with a number of places always decreasing”, observe the instigators of this collective which is organized. The extension of paying zones in the city center has largely contributed to increasing the pressure on parking at the port.

Loss of activity at noon

The new merchants, like the vast restaurant “Au bureau” in place of the Vieux Gréements, expected to serve more cutlery at lunchtime. “By dint of having to turn around at lunchtime, customers who have a limited time for lunch will look elsewhere”, confirm the traders concerned. If the regulars struggle to find a place, the situation is not better for the employees forced to park a few hundred meters away. “Not easy for our young employees who have to walk at night to reach their vehicle,” says Véronique Gaultier from the Presqu’île. “Over time, our businesses lose activity and therefore value”.

The pedestrianization of the Quai de la Douane is generally satisfactory, with the possibility of taking full advantage of the terraces but there are also fewer parking spaces.

Keep the chain park free?

The problem of parking at lunchtime concerns less other traders. Olivier Croizier of the High-Fidelity store says that he will find places after the midday peak, even if the chain park is often full. “The free places remain an asset for customers. Above all, do not pay for the chain park! he throws in the direction of the municipality. This is one of our assets for the comfort of our customers”.

Should we develop blue zones or establish a parking period limited to 12 hours in large car parks?

A first meeting is scheduled with the mobility department of Brest under the leadership of Martine Podeur-Cosmao, of the emblematic Crabe Marteau. A study on the problem of parking at the port is announced.

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