In Orléans, the party is over for cafeteria terraces

Bad weather for Orléans cafe owners? Despite the sun and spring regained, the mood is rather gloomy, rue de Bourgogne in particular. Blame it on a series of bad news.
The premiere was expected. On April 1, they will definitely no longer have the right to operate outdoor heaters on their terracelike everywhere in France (measure included in the Climate and Resilience law). Considered to be particularly energy-intensive, they will no longer be authorized.

Last winter of the auxiliary heating on the terrace, for the bars and restaurants of Orléans

The other subject of annoyance is a request rejected by the City. Make the closing time of the terraces, on sunny days, set at 1 hour, coincide with that of the interior of the establishments (2 hours). In any case for the signatories of the “charter of good conduct” created by the municipality.
Finally, this spring of 2022 marks the end of the exemption from the fee on the extension of the terracesapplied for two years due to the health and economic context. These exemptions represented a shortfall of 740,000 euros over two years (twice 370,000 euros) for the coffers of the City, according to the municipality.

Soon wooden barriers to delimit them?

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At the same time, elected officials from Orleans are considering a project that does not delight cafe owners either. They are considering the installation of wooden barriers throughout the city, to delimit the terraces, which seem to be the focus of some of the municipality’s attention.
Florent Montillot (security assistant) asked the services to think about it in order to avoid the “overflows” which could be observed last year, let the City know.. But between the cost and the constraints (accessibility for people with reduced mobility and rescue, delivery, cleaning, etc.), we are still very far from seeing all this acted out.
Contacted, the commercial assistant, Luc Nantier, adds that the project is “really embryonic. But we are thinking about it, not only rue de Bourgogne but everywhere, even if over there, it makes sense, in particular because the Sdis (departmental fire and rescue service) alerted us several times that they were struggling to go to certain streets in the allotted time. And visually, it can be very nice, as you can see in Paris. We will decide if it will be done in April and do a test in a street which will not be rue de Bourgogne”.

Aware that weariness – at a minimum – is gradually gaining bar owners, the elected official recalls that he is also trying to “facilitate business. However, the terraces whose tables are constantly moving do not facilitate service. I also specify that there will be extensions, but they will be looked at with great precision”.

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