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After the announcement of the measure of the town hall of Bujumbura prohibiting trade near public roads since March 28, some traders deplore a measure taken hastily against them. They ask the mayor to suspend this measure and to initiate consultations with those concerned.

For a thrift shop trader met in the city center, the measure of the town hall was taken in a hurry: “We did not welcome this measure. We have stocks of goods that we won’t have sold out in three days. Where are we going to settle down in such a short time? »
She confides that it is through this business that she manages to ensure the survival of her family and the schooling of her children: “With this measure, I no longer know where to go. I risk becoming an itinerant trader, which is also illegal”.

This seller regrets that a period of four days is not enough to obtain another place. She urges the town hall to take responsibility for finding places in the markets for these traders: “The distribution of places in the markets is not transparent. Those responsible for these markets ask us for bribes. May the mayor of the city help us get stalls there”.

And to ask the town hall to give traders working near public roads at least one month to empty their stocks.

What about advances already paid?

Vendors of fruits, vegetables, bananas and tubers also forced to leave the surroundings of public roads

Even if these merchants operate along the street, they confide that they have to pay monthly to the owners of the galleries to set up stands there.

A shoe merchant regrets that he had already paid a three-month advance for his place in front of a gallery in the city center: “The owners have already told us that they are not going to reimburse us for these advances. This is a huge loss for our trade”.

He asks the town hall to suspend this measure and give traders sufficient time to consume the advances and empty the stocks.

For a handbag seller approached, the town hall’s measure was taken in a hurry. He recalls that most traders along the public highway have little capital, which makes it difficult for them to find places in the markets. He too asks for a period of two months to empty the stocks before leaving.

“I’m not opposed to the idea of ​​going to work in the markets, but I can’t be reassured that I would have already found a place until Monday,” said a fruit and vegetable seller.

Same complaint for this mother of three children met in the city center a shortfall will be enormous for her and her family if the town hall does not suspend this measure.

During his visit to the various points of sale in the Rohero area on March 24, the mayor of the city of Bujumbura Jimmy Hatungimana gave a period of 4 days to traders carrying out their activities near the public highway to leave the premises.

He called on traders who have set up stands in front of shops to put their goods inside. For those who exercise along the streets, the mayor of the city asked them to draw up lists to benefit from the stands in different markets of the town hall of Bujumbura.

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