the Ministry of the Economy affirms that the 2023-2025 Plan and the Tunisia 2035 vision are the fruit of purely Tunisian work

the Ministry of the Economy affirms that the 2023-2025 Plan and the Tunisia 2035 vision are the fruit of purely Tunisian work
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The Ministry of Economy and Planning affirmed on Sunday that no foreign party intervened in the elaboration of the 2023-2025 Development Plan and the Tunisia 2035 strategic vision, in reaction to the declarations of the general secretary of the UGTT, Noureddine Taboubi, according to which the ministry would have entrusted to foreign parties, namely the German cooperation agency GIZ, the financing and the elaboration of these two documents.

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The ministry specified that it began drawing up the Development Plan in February 2022 with purely Tunisian skills, adopting a participatory approach, specifying that 72 work teams have been set up at the governorate level, in addition to 36 sectoral commissions at the national level. More than 3,000 participants from among the skills representing professional structures and national organizations, in particular the UGTT, took part in the work of these commissions, some of which are chaired by representatives of the trade union organization, civil society or active associations. in the field of development.

With regard to the GIZ, the ministry has indicated that its role is limited to providing a financial donation for the recruitment of a Tunisian consulting firm specializing in development issues to support the administration in the process of drafting of the development plan and the strategic vision and help it to design the project sheets from the sectoral commissions and regional teams to submit them for financing and to set up a marketing plan for the plan.

The office, whose selection is in progress through a call for tenders issued for this purpose, will intervene by providing the administration with experts in well-defined areas. Which experts do not have the possibility of intervening in the identification of the choices and the national orientations which remain the exclusive competence of the public interveners, still pointed out the ministry.

He also indicated that the first version of the Tunisia 2035 strategic vision was drawn up by the Tunisian administration, that it is available on the ministry’s website and that it is being developed in collaboration with the Tunisian Institute of strategic studies.

The ministry also reaffirmed that this kind of plans and programs could only be the result of purely Tunisian work, stressing that the country is full of high skills in all areas and that these skills have been involved at all levels in the development of these strategic documents.

The Department of Economy has also called on all stakeholders to continue their contribution to the development of national plans, guidelines and policies to bring the country out of its economic and financial crisis, indicating that the delicate situation that Tunisia is going through does not support more hindrances and social disturbances.

The secretary general of the UGTT, Noureddine Taboubi had criticized, on Saturday, the fact that the Minister of Economy and Planning had entrusted the financing and the elaboration of the Development Plan 2023-2025 and the strategic vision Tunisia 2035 to foreign parties, including GIZ.

At the opening of the 12th ordinary congress of the Regional Labor Union in Monastir, he described as inconceivable this recourse to foreign parties, while the country is full of internationally recognized skills.

Taboubi further stated that the company which was selected by tender to prepare the 2023-2025 Economic Plan is an “equivocal” company.

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