66 months in prison or acquittal, the Court of Sierre will decide

The trial of the French businessman whose bankruptcy left a hole of more than one hundred million francs took place Monday at the district court of Sierre. The public prosecutor has requested five and a half years in prison against this forty-something accused of breach of trust. The defense pleaded partial acquittal. The Court will decide.

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The accused, who was not present at the hearing, intended “to enrich himself”, said prosecutor Jean-Pierre Greter. “His way of life went from modest to extremely luxurious” in 2005, indicates the magistrate. In particular, the defendant used amounts without right, which passed through his account in Switzerland.

It emerged from the investigation that some 45 million were spent for “the personal needs of the defendant, in particular to acquire luxury vehicles, boats, watches and jewelry”, further specifies Jean-Pierre Greter.

My client acted as a henchman for the plaintiff who did not want to be involved in possible corruption issues.

Stephane JordanDefence lawyer

The directors of the companies “were aware of all the funds that were going out. My client served as a henchman for the plaintiff who did not want to be involved in possible corruption problems,” said defense lawyer Stéphane Jordan.

His client repeated several times during various hearings that this money made available was used to pay commissions to people who offered him lucrative real estate deals or to remunerate “facilitators” who managed to lower prices or advance the process. of privatization.

“A fantasy”

“We make these additional amounts a fantasy of corruption funds to camouflage the responsibility of the defendant”, estimated a few minutes earlier the lawyer for the plaintiff Jean-François Ducrest. He reminded him that the corruption was not retained by the public prosecutor’s office and that spontaneous mutual legal assistance requests sent to Romania and Bulgaria yielded nothing.

You can’t lead a golden boy life with other people’s money.

Jean-Francois Ducrestlawyer for the plaintiff family

On the other hand, adds Jean-François Ducrest, the investigators demonstrated the extent of the strategy deployed by the accused to ensure his lifestyle. His system has been denounced and documented and he must be condemned for the offenses retained by the public prosecutor. “You can’t lead a golden boy life with other people’s money,” he said.

At the expense of the State of Valais?

In addition to the 5 and a half years of custodial sentence, the prosecutor also requested that the defendant be charged with the costs of the opposing parties as well as those of justice.

For its part, the defense pleaded acquittal on the counts of breach of trust, effective reduction of assets to the detriment of creditors and forgery in titles. The defense also requests that all costs be borne by the State of Valais and that compensation of 200 francs per day be paid to the defendant for the 40 days spent in pre-trial detention.

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