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Geopolitical and environmental crisis, soaring prices, presidential elections…

Energy is at the center of the sources of concern for the French. The Nantes-based company Beem Energy, creator of the connected solar kit to install yourself, today reveals the results of a study carried out in partnership with the IFOP to understand the relationship of the French to their energy consumption. As part of this study conducted with a panel of 1004 people from March 16 to 22, 2022, Beem wanted to assess the knowledge and interest of the French for the subject, understand their expectations but also know what they are ready for. … An infographic will be released tomorrow.

8 out of 10 French people worried and powerless in the face of rising energy prices… which remains a black box for the majority of them

Asked about their knowledge of “energy consumption”, 63% of French people say they do not have a good grasp of the subject. A revealer of the black box that is and remains energy even though the opening up to competition, 10 years ago, promised them more transparency.

It is therefore quite natural that, faced with the exponential rise in energy prices, which has been confirmed for several years, 85% of French people questioned say they are worried, while 82% feel helpless. The French continue to suffer inexorably from the cost of energy, which has a significant impact on their standard of living.

However, in parallel with this impotence and ignorance, 88% of French people feel concerned by the subject. Figures that confirm a strong need for more education and information on the subject.

9 out of 10 French people ready to reduce their energy consumption out of solidarity

The question of energy solidarity is currently at the heart of the debates: are the French capable or not of being united on the subject? When asked if – in the current geopolitical context and if the gestures to do so were explained to them – they would be ready to reduce their traditional consumption out of energy solidarity, the French say they are 89% ready! (36% are even “completely ready”). This extremely positive signal also constitutes a call for more explanations on the famous gestures to be made to concretize this will.

1 in 2 French people plan to regain control of their energy by self-producing it

This is indeed part of the solution: according to the Beem Energy survey, 54% of French people say they want to produce some or all of their energy themselves in the next 5 to 10 years if they are offered a simple solution to install themselves. This strong interest is in line with the growth in self-production noted by Enedis in recent months (the number of connected households has multiplied by 33 between 2015 and 20211).

Among these French people who plan to self-produce in the next 5 to 10 years, half (ie 27% of the entire panel) would like to cover up to 50% of their energy needs, while the other half are already planning to cover more than 50% of their needs.

Self-production therefore confirms to be a real underlying trend. A trend that Beem intends to support!

Beem Energy gives individuals control over their energy

Since 2017, the Nantes start-up Beem Energy has set itself the task of giving individuals back control over their energy. She first designed a connected solar kit to install yourself in less than an hour, whose production can be monitored in real time using an app. By lifting the obstacles to solar energy, Beem Energy wishes to democratize this energy which is still too little deployed (less than 1% of French households connected1). A democratization that goes through distribution: his kit has been on sale at Leroy Merlin and Boulanger since March 2021 and at Nature & Découvertes for a few days. A winning bet since in 2021, Beem Energy has already equipped 2,000 homes, a figure to be considered in view of the number of homes that signed a declaration of self-consumption with Enedis in May 2021. The start-up is currently developing an ecosystem dedicated to energy savings for individuals and to controlling their energy.

Ralph Feghali, CEO and co-founder of Beem Energy : “Energy is a difficult item of expenditure to control, which worries French consumers. At a time when the regulator is calling on everyone to reduce their energy consumption, we are convinced that we must give the French the means to regain control over their energy. For Beem, this means simpler solutions for self-production and a better understanding of its daily electricity consumption. We are very proud to support thousands of French and Europeans towards better energy management at home! “.

About Beem Energy: Created in Nantes in 2019 by Ralph Feghali, Arthur Kenzo and Pierre-Emmanuel Roger, Beem Energy democratizes solar energy to give Europeans back control of their energy and allow them to gain energy autonomy. Beem Energy benefits from the support of Imagination Machine, a start-up studio launched by Rob Spiro, serial entrepreneur from Silicon Valley. The company already has 20 people and continues to recruit to support its growth after a fundraising of 7 million euros in 2021.

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