Between Covid and war, imagine a cooperative and eco-responsible economic model

Between Covid and war, imagine a cooperative and eco-responsible economic model
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For several years, we have known that we must consume less energy and how saving it is for the planet, summarizes Vincent Isaïa, co-founder of the eponymous group. But today, we are facing a rise in prices and a lack of raw materials and we must use this to give real impetus. To abolish this model of a super consumer society.

Vincent and his brother Olivier are at the head of the Isaïa group, which specializes in “interior fittings and exterior envelope“or the design and construction of finishing works. The economic impact of the war affects them directly.”Steel, for example, is produced in Ukraine and processed in Italian enterprises, explains Vincent Isaïa. At present, there is no longer any guarantee neither of the price nor of the delivery time..”

Educate customers

Already, with the health crisis, we realized that we depended too much on relocated productions, adds his brother, Olivier Isaïa. It is absolutely necessary to produce more at home by redeveloping local French industry. Especially since with the war, the bill has increased by 75% compared to last month. We must think intelligently and propose coherent economic and energy solutions.”

And this requires a real discussion about our consumption choices. A pedagogy that the Isaïa group already leads with its customers. “We try to be proactive in advisingsupports Vincent Isaïa. This notably involves knowing the exact state of our suppliers’ stocks so as not to offer equipment that will require production time and transport. Waste and additional energy costs must be avoided and recycling products promoted. We must also limit all energy-intensive techniques such as the production of aluminum or ovens for tiling or tiles… The current context forces us to reinvent ourselves, but humans have a tremendous ability to adapt in adversity.“And little by little, the reflection makes its way from everyone’s mind.”We feel people are more receptive than before, even if a lot of education still needs to be done.”

Think of several to pool costs

And why not go further by imagining even more cooperative economic models? “For example, we are conducting discussions with one of our competitors in carpentry, says Vincent Isaïa. The idea would be a cooperative manufacturing site that several people would share. Like intersocietal mutual aid to find a more efficient and less energy-intensive market solution.”

Be a new era where everything is to be invented. “These are values ​​of exchange and sharing that drive us as human beings“, support the two brothers. And values ​​that we find in their second passion: sport since the Isaïa group is involved in the Team Nissa Triathlon club. What to continue to advance towards tomorrow in small strides.

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