“But when will we be able to discuss with the town hall?” : the discontent of cafe owners against the City of Orléans

His ears must have been ringing. Florent Montillot was not officially invited at the General Assembly of the Union of trades and hotel industries (Umih) of Loiret, which was held on Monday March 28 in Fleury-les-Aubrais, but he was undoubtedly one of the great animators.

The first deputy mayor of Orléans, for security and public tranquility, is in the crosshairs of the city’s cafe owners. The reason ? He refuses to accede to their request foropen their terraces until 2 a.m.summer, against 1 hour today.

A valid derogation from June 15 to August 30 that they would like to see included in the charter of good conduct which is to be signed soon. The City replies that it is impossible, in the name of the tranquility of local residents.

Franck Fuzeau, “bars” delegate from Umih and himself the boss of an establishment on rue de Bourgogne, took advantage of the presence of the trade assistant to get back on track. “We are already giving an hour more indoors,” Luc Nantier first replied to him, specifying that the schedules were “also within the jurisdiction of the prefecture and not only of the city”.

“It is Florent Montillot who is in charge”

“But has anyone ever been to rue de Bourgogne? When we close the terrace, people don’t go insidehe stays in the street and that’s where it makes noise”, then launched a bar owner.

The trade assistant quickly recognized that he had no control over this file: “It is Florent Montillot who is in charge of nightlife.”

“He still has to receive us! He is the only interlocutor but he refuses to see us. When will we be able to discuss with the town hall?”, is surprised another professional regretting a “break in the dialogue with Mr. Montillot”.

“Do you think that in other cities in France, people go home at midnight? And tomorrow, we want to attract medical students with that? We are in a festive street. When you rent an apartment on rue de Bourgogne, you know it. If we want calm, we go to Fay-aux-Loges”, got carried away Jerry Gras, delegate “restaurants” of Umih.

“I’m going to talk to Florent Montillot about it,” promised Luc Nantier, who offered to mediate in order to organize an interview. The trade assistant assured that the town hall was doing everything to ensure the right balance between “appeasement” for local residents and “economic performance” for cafeteria ownershard hit by two years of health crisis. The owners of Orleans bars, however, have the impression that the scales always lean in the same direction.


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