Companies: 3 advantages of participating in a business convention

Generate new business opportunities in the territory

A real BtoB matchmaking service, the business convention allows you to accelerate the commercial development of your company with all the players in the local economic fabric. In one and the same place, you will be able to meet VSEs/SMEs, large groups, but also major public and private contractors. This forum allows you to meet professionals from all sectors of activity: engineering, events, construction, energy and ecological transition, but also catering, accommodation, marketing, communication and human resources…. What to build a network and concretize new partnerships.

Enrich your sourcing and accelerate your commercial prospecting

The business convention is the ideal place to optimize your sourcing time and identify potential new partners. Because successfully sourcing from future customers, suppliers or partners is overall a way to ensure the sustainability of your business. Through this approach, it is therefore performance that is at stake, in a constantly changing market. Good supplier sourcing, for example, should allow you to reduce supply costs and therefore increase the margins achieved. This important selection work will allow you to have a diversified catalog and thus best meet the objectives set by your organization. Presenting your company, your activity, your products, your services, as well as your know-how to these different potential partners will allow you in a few hours to build relationships of trust. And thus allow both parties to derive benefits in the long term, which can have a positive impact on the results of their organizations.

Meet professionals face to face and increase your visibility

With one-to-one business meetings pre-organized in advance, the productivity gain is immense. Unique meeting with private and public buyers from the Côte d’Azur, Business Square is the unmissable event on May 12 to enrich your relations with major players in the region. This business convention thus allows local companies to accelerate their commercial prospecting thanks to pre-scheduled individual business meetings. Online registration prior to this business afternoon, mandatory, allows you to organize up to 13 meetings of 15 minutes. Meetings therefore ultra qualified, which meet the same goal: to create synergies between the economic actors of the territory, to multiply the business opportunities and to implement in a concrete way the Small Business Act.

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