Lannion. Trade: why Boulanger arrives at Keringant

The opening of Boulanger between Grand Frais and the Caves du Trégor, at the gates of Lannion, is scheduled for the end of April 2023. ©Le Trégor

” We are between 40 and 45 jobs on the three structures”, welcomes Olivier Houzet. A year since the mayor of Saint-Quay-Perros is working on the development of a plot that looked like a hollow tooth, in the Keringant area, between Grand Frais and the Caves du Trégor.

On December 16, the departmental commission for commercial development (CDAC) validated the building permit application submitted two months earlier by SAS Corimmo Invest for the creation of two stores, a Baker for 999 m2 of sales area and Mobalpa over 300m2.

A 260 m2 KFC with drive

“Mobalpa was already a tenant in the town, specifies Olivier Houzet. Over 260m2 will be added a KFC with a drivewhich does not come under the CDAC”.

For the CDAC, which notably included the Kenyan mayor, Maurice Offret and Loïc Mahé (both vice-presidents of the Lannion Trégor community), “this project makes it possible to rehabilitate land left vacant for several years” and – sensitive subject – “does not bear no harm to downtown businesses.

Finally, in accordance with the Territorial Coherence Scheme, it “reinforces the commercial attractiveness of this territory and allows limit trade evasion “.

Boulanger strengthens its network

Boulanger is a household equipment specialist in appliances and multimedia.

According to the manager, a lot of people from Trégor are already going to the Langueux store.

Olivier Houzet, mayor of Saint-Quay-Perros.

Associated since the end of 2018 with the Ex&Co group, this historical competitor of Darty-Fnac methodically pushes its pawns to strengthen its network throughout the national territory. “We must be between 35 and 40 franchises for a target of 150. We set ourselves an extremely slow pace”, specifies the Saint-Malo entrepreneur Jacques Gugen, who sold his shares in Ex&Co to Boulanger to devote himself to the development of franchises.

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Nothing could be more logical, therefore, than this establishment at the gates of Lannion.

A local squabble behind the scenes

But it’s actually a new episode ofa real local squabble that takes place behind the scenes : now under the Boulanger banner, Jacques Guguen is actually returning to settle an old account in Lannion, where he accompanied the development of the Connexion brand;

It is a primary desire for me to develop this Boulanger project in Lannion, I personally support it!

Jacques Guguen

The business started in 2014, when the managers of Connexion in Lannion decided to switch to the “enemy” Darty. Jacques Guguen, then Chairman and CEO of the Ex&Co group, saw it as a betrayal. And swore to bring the Connexion brand back to Lannion.

On the job since 2018

In September 2018, the CDAC validated its request for the creation by SCI Lanmor of a store of 900 m2 Perros-Guirec road, between Cuisinella and Sikkens solutions.

“It’s a sign that we wanted to develop for 25 years in Lannion. It is normal for Connexion customers who go to Saint-Brieuc to have a local shop closer to home, ”explained Jacques Cuguen at the time. Tregor.

He hoped to open by the end of 2018, but the brothers Alain and Didier Nehlig, franchisees of the Darty store and Fnac since leaving the Connexion network, opposed the project before the CNAC. And they won their case three months later.

Jacques Cuguen then seized the administrative court. On January 24, 2020, the Nantes Administrative Court of Appeal ordered the CNAC to re-examine its request within four months.

Ignition delay

June 11, opinion favorable to this establishment. “Unanimously of the voters”, welcomed Jacques Guguen. Who immediately started looking for a building in the area to house a Connexion store… or a Baker franchisee.

“From now on, since the decision of the CNAC is essential and that there is no longer any possible appeal, we have a little time to find the best possible location”, announced the entrepreneur, expecting installation in 2021.

However, a doubt quickly emerged about his intentions. SCI Lanmor was dissolved on June 30, 2020 – twenty days after the green light from the CNAC – following the retirement of Jacques Guguen.

Sold, its shares in Ex&Co passed into the bosom of the Boulanger group.

Opening end of April 2023

The duel seemed all the more to end for lack of fighters that after the summer of 2021, the Nehlig family sold to the Hattat family group, the Darty store, Fnac and Ambiance et Style. A page in a Lannion commercial saga was turning, after 25 years at the head of the Connexion store then seven at the helm of Darty in Keringant.

The rest is known: Jacques Guguen did not in fact give up the game and “ the opening of Boulanger is scheduled for the end of April 2023. We make sure that local people carry the projects. Anyone who comes to settle in Lannion will come from Boulanger in Rennes”.

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