Logidoo, the startup that wants to democratize logistics for e-commerce in Africa

Logistics is strategic for the retail sector and, even more so, for digital commerce. In Africa, e-commerce is expected to reach a market size of $75 billion by 2025, according to McKinsey. And logistics is one of the key success factors for e-commerce activity.

Moreover, often due to a lack of financial resources and substantial volumes, e-merchants manage their logistics themselves, which is also time-consuming. Logidoo offers them a shared solution: outsourcing their logistics and ensuring the traceability of deliveries, adapting to cost and time issues, thanks to a large network of logistics service providers.

Indeed, its solution, which posted a 200% growth in turnover in 2021, concerns road, air and sea transport modes and is interfaced with the main national or international carriers as well as first or last mile players.

“The African Continental Free Trade Area (ZLECAf) is a boon for the logistics sector, as it promotes interconnections between member countries and stimulates intercontinental trade,” says Tamsir Ousmane Traoré, Senegalese founder of Logidoo. at Media24.

“African companies, mainly SMEs and SMIs, need to get to know each other better and explore regional markets,” adds our interlocutor who started in Morocco in 2020.

The Logidoo business model

Logidoo is a Marketplace that allows merchants and e-merchants to ship their parcels anywhere in Africa at very competitive rates. It is commissioned by the service providers for each shipment. Indeed, the startup offers its customers to manage the receipt, storage and shipping of orders and to carry out, for them, all the procedures related to the export and import of these packages.

“Users can compare the different shipping options (road, sea or air) but also make a choice between the different costs and times before executing their shipment and paying online,” Tamsir Ousmane Traoré told Media. 24. The user can also track their shipment online.

Today, more than twenty e-merchants who have already integrated the Logidoo solution, according to our source.

“Morocco is our hub in Africa”

“The trade situation in Africa has always challenged me,” says Tamsir Ousmane Traore. After obtaining a double master’s degree in marketing and management sciences at ESCA in Casablanca in 2010 and a short stint as a consultant at the EMC consulting firm, he returned to Senegal in 2011.

Tamsir Ousmane Traoré spent his early childhood and youth in Dakar, within a family of logistics entrepreneurs. This will play an essential role in the construction of an entrepreneurial soul. “I have constantly wanted to innovate in the logistics sector, by creating solutions adapted to our African realities”, estimates the young entrepreneur who had to launch several start-ups such as Tex Courrier in messaging, Indilma in events. and Pharma Express in pharmaceutical distribution.

By launching Logidoo, the ambition was first to conquer Africa, by capitalizing on its 15 years of supply chain experience in Africa, but also to gradually introduce technology in order to digitize all procedures. related to the export and import of goods in Africa.

Today, Logidoo, headquartered in the United States, has established itself in seven African countries (Mali, Guinea Conakry, Mauritania, Gambia, Senegal and Morocco) and has 53 employees, including 7 in Morocco. “Our mission is to provide a solution that allows Moroccan companies to open new markets throughout West Africa. We want to make Morocco a platform connecting Europe to Africa, but also North Africa to West Africa. It is also our hub in Africa”, concludes our interlocutor, who tells us that he has already prepared the launch of two logistics corridors: Morocco-Senegal and Morocco-Côte d’Ivoire.

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