RADEEMA raises awareness on the blue gold economy

RADEEMA raises awareness on the blue gold economy
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RADEEMA (Autonomous Water and Electricity Distribution Board of Marrakech), in partnership with the Tensift Hydraulic Basin Agency, the Regional Directorate of the National Electricity and Drinking Water Office (Water Branch) as well as the Regional Department of the Environment, met, from March 28 to 31, 2022, at the 11th edition of the JPO RADEEMA, under the theme “Together for water saving”.

Professionals, academics, elected officials and associations from Marrakech are expected on Monday March 28 from 11 a.m. instead of November 16 for a discovery of the efforts made, on a daily basis, by RADEEMA and local operators and stakeholders in the water sector. in order to perpetuate the drinking water supply of the ocher city as well as the safeguard of the water resource which is becoming increasingly scarce.

The RADEEMA 2022 JPOs also present an opportunity to share the challenges and horizons of good governance in the water sector at the regional level, by presenting the work of the RADEEMA/ABHT/ONEE Water Branch tripartite commission with a view to meeting the requirements of all the stakeholders and thus achieve the expected objectives in terms of rationalizing the consumption of this resource.

In addition, RADEEMA and its partners focus on raising awareness among young people by providing them with fun learning tools that promote civic education about water. On the menu of this program, projections and thematic presentations aiming at an early involvement in the face of the water situation at the level of the Region and which requires, more, collective awareness for a sustainable sustainability.

It should be noted that the efforts of the Régie de Marrakech are in perfect harmony with the priority plan for the supply of drinking water and irrigation 2020-2027 and the National Water Plan which outlines the 30-year roadmap for the period 2020-2050.

As such, RADEEMA, through its STEP, has made it possible to develop alternative resources such as reused water, allowing the watering of the 14 golf courses currently in operation with 18 in prospect. The mobilization of this renewable water, up to 33 million m3 per year, also allows the Régie to assert its social responsibility by turning to the irrigation of the palm grove of Marrakech and the 26 gardens and green spaces of the city. .

RADEEMA invests on a daily basis through its mobilization and commitment to continuously improve the performance of its networks. The actions undertaken, since 2013, RADEEMA have today enabled the achievement of a rate of return for the drinking water network of 78.5%.

In addition, and with the aim of further securing the city’s drinking water supply, the Régie has just built a 3rd hydraulic complex of 30,000 m3, located to the north of the city, for an envelope of 50 million DH, accompanied by ‘a North, East and West framework, for an investment of more than 100 Million DH. The new reservoir will increase the storage capacity to 165,500 m3 and will allow a reserve autonomy of more than 20 hours. In the same vein, RADEEMA plans to transfer water from the North to the two other South complexes by 2023, a project budgeted at 290 million DH.

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