Sarthe. The trader had displayed “his wooden checks” in his business, the author insults and threatens him

The two bad checks had been displayed in the Sablé-sur-Sarthe business. Their author did not support. ©Adobe Stock

the October 15, 2021a shopkeeper from Sablé-sur-Sarthe goes to a restaurant in the town center of Sable-sur-Sarthe whose boss he knows to hear from. To his surprise, the 59-year-old trader is attacked by a man who is at his window which overlooks the same street as the restaurant he is going to. After hurling clearly homophobic insults at him, he threatens him with death and says: “I’m going to bleed you”.

“I would have your skin”

While the trader taken to task takes refuge in the restaurant where he was going, his attacker takes to the street, continues his homophobic insults and threatens him with death again in front of witnesses: “I would have your skin, I will bleed you” . The almost sixty-year-old called the gendarmes who managed to calm the situation and filed a complaint shortly after.

Special record

Heard by the gendarmes, the author of the insults and death threats recognizes the facts of which he is accused.

If he admits having drunk that day, he says he was angry with his victim, because following two bad checks, the merchant had displayed his identity document and one of his wooden checks in his establishment.

He had alerted the other merchants of Sablé concerning him and had tried to recover his money by going to his place of work: “he came several times to recover his due” he will tell the gendarmes before adding “I ‘got fed up’.

Loaded locker

Absent from the hearing – like his victim – the defendant, who has 26 entries on his criminal record, was represented by his lawyer. Convicted of theft, fraud, burglary, driving under the influence of alcohol, driving without a license, escape, the defendant was unable to attend the hearing due to transport difficulties inherent in some of his convictions.

“Threats, vociferations are the antechamber of physical violence”

The victim’s lawyer has in her pleading qualified as inadmissible the treatment reserved for her client and has requested damages for the latter.

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“Threats, vociferations are the antechamber of physical violence”

District Attorney

The prosecutor requested 3 months in prison for the defendant, the revocation of a probationary stay of up to 2 months as well as a penalty-fine of 100 euros.

“He is drunk in his apartment (…) he is making a big deal (…) he is at the window and there it goes” declared the defendant’s lawyer in his argument. She asked for an adapted sentence which could take the form of house arrest under an electronic bracelet for her client who admitted the facts.

3 months firm

Following the prosecutor’s requisitions, the court sentenced the defendant to 3 months in prison and revoked his previous suspended sentence of 2 months.

He will therefore spend 5 months in house arrest under an electronic bracelet. He will also have to pay damages to his victim.

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