207 Wavrians ready to welcome refugees

During the last municipal council, Françoise Pigeolet detailed everything that Wavre has put in place to help Ukrainian refugees. She welcomed the great outpouring of solidarity from all Wavriens, but also the commitment of the police zone, via the Wispa association, to concretely help the municipalities of Ukraine, with which the City has put itself in direct contact. .

The mayor recalled the functioning of the reception sector. “Refugees coming from Ukraine must go to Palace 8 of Heysel to register via the Foreigners Office and thus obtain temporary asylum protection status, an Office which then allocates these people to crisis accommodation listed by Then, upon their arrival in the municipality, Ukrainians holding a temporary protection certificate register with the municipal administration and receive a limited residence permit, valid until March 4, 2023, potentially renewable for two times for six months. This card gives them the right to health insurance and work.” Via the various platforms, federal and regional, a CPAS manager updates all the data and accommodation options.

But what is the role of the municipality? “The joint circular of the Ministers of the Interior and of Justice, as well as the Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, authorizes the police to check the criminal records of the hosts and checks the quality and safety of the places of reception.At the level of public collective accommodation offered by the City, we have the 4th floor of the former clinic of the Champ Sainte-Anne.Its current reception capacity is 22 places, not including places for children under 2 and a half years old, for whom we have suitable beds. There is also our village hall. And if necessary, we have the possibility of requisitioning one of our sports centers either in Wavre, Limal or Bierges.”

Currently, Wavre has received only a few refugees, but the flow is likely to be much greater in the days to come. “Currently, we are totally in the unknown. We have absolutely no idea how many people we will receive, or when, said the mayor of Wavre. We are told about 70,000 people. To give you an idea, during the floods, the Walloon Region had to rehouse 3,500 victims. We are talking about at least 20 times more people here. Today, we received 207 accommodation proposals from our fellow citizens: 22 for a stay of more than six months, 78 for a few months, 57 for a few weeks and 50 for a few days. We also received 45 responses to the call we made for volunteers to prepare for the reception. And we received 38 proposals for translators. There are, according to information provided by the Population Service, 21 Ukrainians settled in our territory.”

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