In Sarthe, Karine Julen launches her itinerant bulk business

Karine Julen scours the markets where she offers bulk. ©Valentin MAUDUIT

“A need to flourish”, that’s why Karine Julen opens his “baniau à bocaux”. Employed in a local factory, she couldn’t find her way around. And it is to her first love that she returns: the environment. “I studied in this environment before branching out into commerce for ten years,” she says.

History of values

A choice that explains this return to the provinces, to the family land.

14 years ago, after having made our life in Paris, we returned to join our family.

The countryside, the environment… values ​​that speak to Karine. “And I wanted to correlate all of that for my new job. »

At the end of 2021, it therefore embarks on a market study, launches surveys on the sector… The answer is clear and clear: there is a demand for bulk. “It is also a personal observation. I use green productsI like bulk. Only, it is not accessible. The closest is Biocoop, and their core business is organic, not bulk. So Karine rushes headlong into this market!

With several questions in mind. Do you need a room or be itinerant? If itinerant, where to go, to go to the markets?

“Close to people”

By questioning his network, he is advised to go itinerant. “If I’m in the wrong place of installation, with a business, it’s dead. With walking, I can adjust and adapt, ”she says as an explanation for her choice.

Some have advised him “with your conceptif you go to Le Mans, you’ll be a hit,” but Karine doesn’t want that. “The desire is not to make numbers at all costs. I want to take this bulk offer, which is rather urban, to the countryside. I want to be close to people, ”notes the shopkeeper who will travel the roads of Perche Sarthe and even Eurelia.

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In her trailer – “a food-truck style truck was too big a budget, we’ll see later” – Karine offers food products, but also household, or everyday items. She reveals a few lines from her catalog.

There are the essentials such as pasta, rice, lentils, flour. I also offer everything you need for breakfast with cereals and muesli. The aperitif, with aperitif mixes, crackers made from food waste…

And slightly more unusual products “like energy balls, they are small balls with dried fruits, seeds… It’s more practical to eat on the go, or for sports enthusiasts”, argues the saleswoman.

the “Baniau with jars”it is also dishwashing liquid, detergent, sponges, toothbrushes, chewable or paste toothpaste…

With your containers

A very wide range for which it is advisable to bring your own containers.

I have what I need in a bottle, or in a kraft bag, but the goal is for people to come with their jars, their bottles,…

If these products are a little more expensive than supermarkets, she wants to ensure “that at least we eat everything. We only buy what we need. We are not blocked by the packaging of a kilo…” This is an issue that is close to his heart, purchasing power, because it is a criterion that came out a lot from his market study. “I’m often told, bulk and organic is good but it’s expensive. »

You can find Karine on the markets of Connerré, Saint-Maixent, Vibraye. “I might be able to make some out-of-market deliveries. And she will park in a few towns in the evening in Melleray and Courgenard. “I am going to start a partnership with a bakery in Vibraye to have some breads also on deposit. »

“Baniau in bulk jars”, on the markets of Conneré, Wednesday morning, Bellême, Thursday morning, Saint-Maixent, Thursday evening, Vibraye, Friday morning, La Bazoche-Gouët, Saturday morning and Brou, Sunday morning. And on Wednesday and Friday from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., respectively at Melleray and Courgenard. Contact: 06 59 24 78 09 and by email at

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