National 3: business is bad for Aurillac

AIE Aie Aie ! We would have liked to give you reassuring news this morning, to draw up a rather optimistic health report. The combined defeats of Clermont, Limonest or even Montluçon, all conceded at home, were likely to rekindle the flame, to maintain all hopes, to reinflate an Aurillac who, too, unfortunately failed in his garden.

R1 (15th day): Cantal derby at the top of the table between Châtaigneraie and Saint-Flour

Since then, this Aurillac has been in the emergency room wondering if on Saturday he did not lose the match too many eight stages from the finish, against a Velay FC well in his place and who for his part gave up for the first time. of the season his red lantern at the Académie Moulins crushed at La Duchère. For the first time also the ponot commuters have imposed themselves outside, for the second time in a row in Baradel where they can always come on pilgrimage to understand why this land has become for them the court of miracles?

It must be said that the residents of the place made their task even easier by first mixing their brushes in the finish before serving them on a tray an offering that they knew how to crunch with relish. So of course it is always better to create chances than the opposite, as it is better to avoid playing the good Samaritans too often. But doesn’t this finding simply reflect a lack of qualities?

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With a revised and corrected training in large widths, Aurillac did what he could. Obviously insufficient. We are not going to shoot anyone, especially not a recomposed midfielder who was largely up to this low intensity debate under the impetus of a Sambagué above the lot. Aurillac will especially be able to bite his fingers for having repeatedly failed in front of the goals defended by the excellent goalkeeper Blachon. He had a good half-dozen chances before the fateful 58 and minute that made him lose track while visitor morale went up several notches.

Only one point taken in the last five games

In short, Aurillac missed his mark the evening when, despite the circumstances, he had to unearth solutions and find the strength and resources in the face of headwinds. “We had to send more signals in a first period very poor in intensity that we went through transparently or almost. We didn’t seem to believe in what we were doing. We lacked determination. I preferred the second. We weren’t able to mark the first ones in spite of numerous ammunition. The turning point is there. The frustration comes from the fact that by being reduced, we were superior to our adversary… ”, evoked coach Freddy Morel, strongly affected by this compromising result.

It is true that Aurillac spins bad cotton. On the second leg he only collected one point out of 15 in five matches, a point taken at Moulins at the heart of a program where he lost heavily at La Duchère and against Velay FC, two thieves also fighting for the upkeep.

Today, Aurillac has lost a place, points just in front of the irremovable rear duo but must look more than ever towards… N2 where Rumilly, Saint-Priest, La Duchère in one group and Chamalières in another will have to work to save their skin and thus avoid a cascade of relegations from … N3.

But before getting out the calculators, the mission of Aurillac will be to raise the head. Its workforce should fill up this week before going to Bourgoin, dolphin of Thonon who will be in stride in Baradel. What very heavy.

Infirmary :
Injured at Moulins, Hugo Coldefy suffers from a rupture of the anterior cruciate. He will be operated. His season is over.

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