Nestlé negotiates with the FnB fund to sell it Mousline purées

Launched in 1963, this brand of puree has made a name for itself in the cupboards of the French. (Photo: 123RF)

The Swiss food giant Nestlé has entered into exclusive negotiations to sell the brand of purees Mousline to the French investment fund FnB, which specializes in the food industry, promising that this sale will have “no consequences on employment”. to the concerns of employees.

These negotiations should “enable the long-term development of the Mousline brand to be promoted”, says the group in a press release, which presents the fund as “a solid partner, dedicated exclusively to supporting French and European SMEs in the food industry. “.

The Swiss giant known for its Nespresso coffee pods and its Maggi broths highlighted the “strong interest” of this fund, led by a team of entrepreneurs themselves from the agri-food sector, “for the skills of the teams” and “the industrial and environmental performance of the Rosières plant”, where its famous potato flakes are produced.

Nestlé, which has multiplied sales for five years, intends to bring together the social and economic committee of Mousline on Tuesday to discuss the buyer’s project, said a spokeswoman for Nestlé France, confirming information from Agefi.

The employees are “very worried”, confided to AFP Christophe Kauffmann, the secretary of the group committee of Nestlé France, and CFDT coordinator for the group, “because as soon as we pronounce the name of investment fund, it’s a bit anxiety-provoking.”

“They would have preferred it to be a business. At one point, we were talking about William Saurin. They would have preferred it to be an established industrialist, with notoriety and recognition,” he explained.

A “hunk” for the fund

“Now, a priori, this investment fund is not a pension fund type investment fund,” he continued, noting that it is “people specializing in business takeovers agri-food”, “so it’s not necessarily as worrying as a pension fund”.

“Compared to what they have done so far, it seems rather a big piece for them, Mousline, so we are waiting quite a bit for the project at the turn”, he however warned, while wondering on the “support” from which this potential buyer will benefit and the “resources” that the fund intends to inject into the company.

This sale project could be finalized during the year 2022, at the end of the legal procedure of information and consultation of the social partners, specified Nestlé.

“Until a decision is made regarding this transaction, the Rosières factory will continue its activities as usual and will continue to be an integral part of the Nestlé Group,” he added.

This transfer would also not lead to any change in the relations that the company maintains with its customers, partners and local suppliers, specifies the group based in Vevey, on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Launched in 1963, this brand of mash has made a name for itself in the cupboards of the French and their imagination with the refrain “when I make Mousline mash, I’m sure everyone takes it again”.

Its famous flakes are made in its factory in Rosières-en-Santerre, in the Somme, where it employs around 150 people.

Under the aegis of Mark Schneider, the former boss of the German health group Fresenius, Nestlé has multiplied disposals as part of a major reorganization of its activities in order to focus on product segments with strong growth potential. growth.

Nestlé notably separated from American confectionery brands which were sold to the Italian Ferrero, from regional brands of water or even Yinlu peanut porridge in China.

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