Rue Du Commerce destroys the price of this tablet

Good news Rue Du Commerce destroys the price of this tablet

If the iPad and Apple remain the undisputed masters in the field of tablets, Android strives to offer us sizeable competitors. Huawei, despite the restrictions suffered by the company, continues to offer quality products and this MatePad 10.4” on sale will not prove us wrong. Released in the second half of 2020 at a price of €329, it is now down to €184 thanks to Rue du Commerce.

Two years ago, Huawei was still one of the major connected players worldwide. However, all it took was a significant measure by the US government to almost wipe this brand off the shelves, especially on smartphones. However, Huawei continues to flood the shelves with its products and the quality continues to be there.

Buy the MatePad 10.4 at 194€ at Rue du Commerce

This MatePad 10.4 is equipped with the Kirin 810 processor. An eight-core processor whose the base frequency is clocked at 1.88Ghz, which is therefore supported by 4GB of Ram and 64GB of storage. Its 10.4” QHD screen is perfect for viewing all kinds of content, whether reading or video, and its power will allow you to play most games in suitable conditions.

If necessary, you can take advantage of its microSD port to add memory to enjoy even more content. With its long-standing partnership with Harman Kardon, the four stereo speakers deliver a more than respectable quality for classic use.. As for connectivity, you will have everything you need to enjoy your tablet, namely Bluetooth 5.1 and Wifi in 2.4 and 5 Ghz.

An Android tablet with Huawei services

Today when we talk about Huawei devices, the biggest complaint is the absence of Google services. This results in particular in the impossibility of benefiting from the synchronization of data linked to your Gmail address. It should also be noted the absence of the Play Store, a major store for downloading applications on Android devices. Yet Huawei has worked hard to make up for this lack.

Indeed, AppGallery, the application store available on Huawei devices is supported by their in-house search engine PetalSearch. Thanks to this alliance, the store searches all the secondary application stores to find the application you are looking for and allows you to install it seamlessly. It should therefore be noted that the majority of Android applications are now available on Huawei devices.

Buy the MatePad 10.4 at 194€ at Rue du Commerce

Your tablet will often serve you as an extra device, and depending on the use you want to make of it, the absence of Google might not be a problem and such a promotion, the opportunity for you to equip yourself with a quality product at a lower cost. Anyway, Huawei has put everything in place with its customer service to inform you about the possibilities offered by their products, so it’s up to you to judge whether the lack of Google is a crippling brake or an opportunity to take advantage efficient and competitive products.

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