The three finalists of the Prix SUD are known

The three finalists of the Prix SUD are known
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Who will succeed the start-up Légumes Perchés on the winners of the Prix SUD? The public can now choose their favorite among the three finalists. Enerdrape, Ponera Group and Voltiris will compete for the crown of the new vintage of this competition organized by The weather. Its objective: to distinguish a start-up whose backbone of the business model directly concerns sustainability.

Witnessing the entrepreneurial enthusiasm generated by this theme in Switzerland, 84 files were submitted this year to the jury made up of six experts in the field of energy and sustainability. The vast majority of candidate companies (69) are active in French-speaking Switzerland in areas ranging from consumption to construction, including transport or energy supply. The innovative aspect of the project, its interest, but also its potential impact are among the main criteria that have been retained to decide between the companies.

Energy greenhouses, geothermal panels and smart pallets

Bringing together these conditions, the companies Enerdrape, Ponera Group and Voltiris have distinguished themselves within a cohort of high quality companies. The first has developed geothermal panels to capture underground heat, while the second intends to market pallets for the logistics sector. Last finalist, Voltiris aims to transform agricultural greenhouses into small power plants. As of this week, you can discover their video portrait on our site.

Winner of the last edition, Thomas Verduyn, founder of the company Légumes Perchés, underlines the value of the visibility that the Prix SUD offers: “The most important thing is that The weather enabled us to communicate credibly about our projects. We work primarily with architects, promoters, municipalities. Being recognized as the Swiss sustainable start-up of 2020 by the Prix SUD has made us credible with these potential partners. Even today, they still comment to us, because they see the articles and consider it important.”

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In addition to the visibility offered by the editorial support of the Timethe winning company will also benefit from personalized support in its communication. The Vaud companies Romande Energie and Trivial Mass, partners of the Prix SUD, are associated with the Time to offer the winning company a series of workshops on the theme of their choice.

The final say now belongs to the general public, who can vote – below – until April 11. The name of the lucky winner will be revealed on May 5 during a ceremony in the Geneva premises of the Time.

Vote for Enerdrape by following this link.

Vote for Ponera Group by following this link.

Vote for Voltiris by following this link.

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