Tricount partners with Aion Bank to facilitate payments between friends

The cost-sharing application Tricount signs a partnership with Aion Bank and Mastercard. Refunds between friends can be done in one click.

Tricomte, theBelgian app expense sharing, partners with Aion Bank and Mastercard. Thanks to this partnership, Tricount users will be able to reimburse their friends directly via the app.

“Tricount is the European leader in group expense management.”

Jonathan Fallon

Co-founder of Tricount

Very popular, the Tricount application makes it possible to make accounts for expenses shared with friends or family. It is often used on the occasion of holidays or group weekends. Present all over the world, the application claims 5.2 million users. The most important markets are France and Belgium. “We are the European leader in group expense management,” says Jonathan Fallon, co-founder of Tricount. The company, which is remunerated via advertising and premium accounts (without advertising), is profitable since 2021say its leaders.

Until now, users had to exchange their IBAN or use an application like Payconiq to make the refund at the end of the stay. They can now settle their debts directly via the Tricount application. The solution works with most Belgian banks: Belfius, ING, BNPPF, KBC, Crelan, Argenta… Other banks will follow in the coming weeks.

One foot in open banking

“With this new service, we are taking a first step into the world of open banking”, explains Guillebert de Dorlodot, co-founder of Tricount. Open banking allows non-bank players (such as Tricount) to offer banking services, through collaborations with players with a banking license (such as Aion). With its technical partner Vodeno, Aion Bank provides its payment services, in white labelat Tricount. For its part, Mastercard takes care of the interoperability with the banks.

“Open banking is exploding today. The technology is mature and financial players are turning to brands that bring together many users, such as Tricount.”

Kim Van Esbroeck

Head of Aion Bank Benelux & France

“And open banking explodes todayit’s because the technology is maturebut also because financial players are turning to brands that have created ecosystems bringing together many userslike Tricount in its niche of activity”, underlines Kim Van Esbroeck, head of Aion Bank Benelux & France.

The new service is launched initially in Belgium. It will then be offered in Luxembourg before being extended to other countries. It could foreshadow other applications in the future. The partners mention in particular the possibility of integrating pre-financing solutions in the Tricount app, for example to rent a holiday home or buy plane tickets for a group.

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