Cooperation- Establishment of a regional branch of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Portugal in Morocco in Tangier

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Portugal in Morocco (CCISPM), a benchmark entity in boosting trade between Morocco and Portugal, which intends to continue working to bring companies from Morocco and Portugal closer together, through the organization of Networking events, Business Missions in Morocco and Portugal, cultural and sporting events, has just set up its first regional delegation, in the Kingdom, in the city of Tangier.

In order to support business communities, located in the northern region of Morocco, in terms of trade and co-investment with Portugal, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Portugal in Morocco ( CCISPM) installs its regional representation in the old town of Detroit. One of the main purposes of the Office, inaugurated on March 30 by HE the Portuguese Ambassador to Morocco, Bernardo Futscher Pereira, as well as several personalities representing local authorities and the regional economic fabric, will be to increase the dynamic on the Portuguese side and fill the opportunities on the Moroccan side. Indeed, José Maria Teixeira, President of the CCISPM, remarked: “ The CCISPM Regional Delegation in Tangier will have as its main mission to ensure continuity of CCISPM services by developing economic relations between Portugal and the Northern Region of the Kingdom of Morocco, supporting Portuguese companies in their investment process. in this region and encouraging Moroccan companies to get closer to the Portuguese market.”

An integral part of the Network of Portuguese Chambers of Commerce, the CCISPM wants to be a true representative body of Morocco-Portugal commercial interests with the various operators on both sides.

In a document that has reached us, it is indicated that commercial relations between Portugal and Morocco are experiencing a real evolution. Between 2019 and 2021, there was a 21.3% growth in trade in goods from Portugal to Morocco, with a total of €862.2 million in exports and more than 1,300 companies exporting to Morocco. Portugal ranks 24th rank as an investor in Morocco in 2021, with a total of 180 companies on site.

As a supplier, Morocco ranks 9th rank of Portuguese trade, being responsible for 2.64% of its exports, a significant increase compared to 2019. As a customer, Morocco is currently in the 12th position of Portugal’s imports, totaling 1.33% of its imports with also an evolution compared to 2020.

Towards a strengthening of exchanges

Currently, there are many opportunities in Morocco for Portuguese companies and for the strengthening of partnerships between companies of the two countries given the major infrastructure projects, clean and renewable energies, agriculture and agro-industry. -industry 4.0, textiles and clothing, mechanics, metallurgy and the pharmaceutical sector. In addition, Mr. José Maria Teixeira finds that the future is very promising for many sectors of activity, where there is real compatibility between the two economies..

It is also admitted that the prospects for the Moroccan economy and trade are very promising. Its financial stability, infrastructure development, sustainability and green energy projects are assets of great interest for Portuguese companies in their international development strategy. Moreover, the geographical position of Morocco and its commercial advantage in the supply chain of goods constitutes an alternative to the dependence on the Asian market.

Moreover, Portugal is attracting more and more interest from Moroccan companies, as a gateway to the European market and is strengthening these prospects in the Portuguese-speaking markets. Given all these considerations, the choice to open this first delegation to Tangier is not fortuitous. Tangier has become over the years a hub for the automotive and aeronautical industry, with its terminal on the port and its logistics free zone, dedicated to the automobile, the Tanger Automotive City, which has attracted more and more industrial. With its regional delegation in Tangier, the CCISPM wants to be even closer to its members and satisfy all of its stakeholders.

To strengthen its continuous improvement approach at the service of Portuguese and Moroccan companies, the CCISPM plans, as part of its development strategy, to open other representations in other promising regions of the Kingdom.

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