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Last Friday the alliance “Pas touches à nos annuities!” handed over to the Federal Chancellery the referendum against AVS 21 supported by 151782 people. Enough to erect an imposing wall of boxes filled with the signatures of opponents of the reform

The number is impressive. It is commensurate with the massive opposition to the AVS “stabilization” project: 151,782 people signed the referendum against AVS 21, which plans to raise the retirement age for women to 65. A number that breaks all records. It is with a wall of boxes, of a height never seen before, that the signatures were symbolically collected by the alliance “Pas touche à nos rentes!”, Before being handed over to the Federal Chancellery last Friday . He expressed the barrier not to cross, otherwise the retirement age of all employees will be pulled up.

Several representatives of the alliance took the floor in front of the many people gathered for the occasion. After recalling that the reform was an affront to women, Vania Alleva, president of Unia, stressed that AVS 21 “is also the start of a real dismantling of old-age provision”, the right preparing a “new flight annuities in the 2and pillar”. It is therefore all the more important to postpone AVS 21, “in order to be able to address the real problem of AVS, namely that pensions must be sufficient to live on”. “We need higher pensions, not a higher retirement age”, she concluded, referring to the trade union initiative for a 13and interest.

President of the Public Services Union, Katharina Prelicz-Huber explained that “if the equal pay anchored in the Constitution were finally applied”, there would be 825 million francs more in the AVS funds, which is as much as what AVS 21 intends to win on the backs of women by making them work for one more year. She also called for a catch-up in the level of pensions for low wages and many women: “The average AVS pension is just 1787 francs and that of the pension fund 1692 francs. As for the median pension resulting from the two combined pensions, it amounts to 3459 francs. This is not a luxury annuity!” And to add that the pensions of women are lower by a third than that of men and that a quarter of retirees live only with the AVS, “that is to say below the subsistence minimum” . A situation denounced by the collectives of the Feminist Strike engaged alongside the unions and the Swiss Socialist Party in the alliance. Marie Jolliet pointed out that the reform penalized all the women active in the front line, those who provide care, who have difficult working conditions, who carry out the work of careand who very often are migrants.

Pierre-Yves Maillard, President of the Swiss Trade Union Union, returned to the crucial place of the AVS, the solidarity between generations that it allows, as well as the existing financing possibilities (see also below). He announced that the battle which begins “will be tough”, facing determined economic powers, such as banks and insurance companies wanting to place their lucrative 3and pillars.

The fight will be decided at the polls, probably on September 25. And, as summed up by the collectives of the Feminist Strike: “We will not let go during the weeks to come and until the vote, we will continue to inform, train and mobilize ourselves.”

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