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An e-commerce site represents the image and value of a company. It is therefore important to take care of the presentation of the products, just as it is necessary to reassure the potential customer on the seriousness of the brand. Indeed, Internet users need to feel reassured during their purchasing process. In this sense, your online store must inspire trust to encourage them to place an order and to increase the conversion rate. It is essential to put in place all the marketing levers that can create this climate of trust and credibility. These levers are none other than reinsurance elements.

Contact information

First of all, it is important to note that the reinsurance elements must appear on the home page and in the shopping cart of an e-commerce site. Also, it is necessary to entrust the design of the site to an e-commerce agency to set them up. In short, your e-commerce site must always mention all of your contact details. These are in particular the customer service number, email address, contact formetc They must be made clearly visible and accessible on all pages of the site. Always keep in mind that, at a minimum, you must have customer service accessible by phone. It is more convenient for visitorsespecially when they wish to obtain additional information on a product or a service before the purchase.

The presentation page

It is more reassuring for users to find an “about” or “about us” page on an e-commerce site. Do not hesitate to present your company, your history and your activities to establish a relationship of trust. You can even give key figures to strengthen the seller-customer bond. Also note that the CGV pages and the legal notices are mandatory for online stores.

Blog or news pages

To give the impression of a site that evolves every day, you must give tips for using your productsmake promotions, etc. Indeed, a dynamic and lively site reassures customers more and can encourage them to validate the purchase.

The pictograms of trust

There’s nothing better to reassure visitors than trust icons on your e-commerce site. Remember to clearly display the quality label, return terms, delivery guarantee, after-sales service, refund procedures, order tracking, shipping costs and secure payment methods available. However, be sure to guarantee these services to your customers as soon as you decide to display the pictograms.

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ

The FAQ on an e-commerce site is essential for customers to easily find answers to their questions without contacting customer service. Please note, this FAQ must be upgradable, and you must add to it as and when requested by your customers.

Certified reviews

Reviews and recommendations on online sales sites reassure visitors and facilitate their purchase. To do this, you can subscribe to a subscription of certified review service from multiple providers.

Social networks

The presence on social networks allows you to guarantee additional after-sales service, in addition to being a factor in the reliability of your e-commerce site. Do not hesitate to create a page and an account that you will animate regularly.

brands sold

If you manage a multi-brand site, displaying the logos of the most well-known brands allows you to benefit from greater credit with visitors.

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