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Action Logement is a device to facilitate access to mortgages or rentals. This aid is financed by the companies.

Action Logement (formerly 1% employer): what is it?

Action Logement (formerly 1% employer) is a housing assistance scheme created in 1943. It is financed by the participation of employers in the construction effort (PEEC): this is a participation of companies paid before the 31st of December of each year. This involvement concerns companies with more than 20 employees belonging to the non-agricultural private sector and companies with more than 50 employees in the agricultural sector. The participation of employers in the construction effort represents 0.45% of payroll.

The Action Logement system helps employees of companies that have paid the PEEC to to find accommodation. The sums collected make it possible to facilitate access to rental, to acquire housing or to carry out real estate construction thanks to free help, bank loans Where rental bonds. The aid offered by Action Logement concerns a multitude of potential beneficiaries.

  • Employees of non-agricultural private sector enterprises in more than 10 employees
  • Employees of agricultural companies in more than 50 employees
  • Private sector retirees
  • The individuals of under 30 searching for a job
  • Scholarship students
  • First-time buyers
  • Disabled people
  • Owners and landlords
  • The tenants

In consultation with the Ministry of Towns and Housing, Action Logement has also set up a new aid system for job seekers and employees weakened by the coronavirus crisis, to help them pay their mortgage or rent. More information on our dedicated article.

Beneficiaries of the Action Logement scheme can contact Action Logement advisers in several ways.

  • By phone at 09 70 80 08 00 Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Via the contact form available on its website
  • The nearest Action Logement agency: the organization has several agencies everywhere in France

The Action Logement website also offers frequently asked questions (FAQ) to help beneficiaries answer their questions as quickly as possible.

The AL’ Internet platform is available to answer questions from beneficiaries concerning social housing.

Beneficiaries who request one of the aids offered by Action Logement can follow their file(s) from their personal space on the Action Logement website.

What aid does Action Logement offer?

Action Logement offers several aids adapted to the different profiles of beneficiaries and their real estate projects.

How to rent a house with Action Logement?

Action Logement offers rental housing offers can be offered. These aids can be obtained through interprofessional housing committees (the PEEC collecting bodies). The system has a social support service called CIL Pass Support whose objective is to promote access to or maintenance of housing employees with housing difficulties, job seekers for less than twelve months and former employees of a company subject to the PEEC.

There are also aids called Loca Pass : this is a zero-rate loan making it possible to fully or partially finance the security deposit necessary for the rental of accommodation. They are intended for under 30 in vocational training or seeking employment and to employees in the regulated sector. This financial assistance amounts to a maximum amount of 1,200 euros to be repaid over a maximum period of 25 months.

Action Logement also offers the Visual Guarantee which takes care of the payment of the rents in the event of non-payment. Following the payment of the rents, the tenants will have to reimburse Action Logement according to a schedule adapted to their financial situation. The system concerns all employees or holders of a promise to hire over 30 years or all job seekers since less than 6 months. These measures covers the entire duration of occupancy up to 36 monthly payments Where 9 monthly payments for collective residences, student residences and social housing.

What is the Action Logement loan?

For owners, it is possible to benefit from a Action Logement loan for the construction of a dwelling or an acquisition in new or old without work. For employees in difficulty, there are loan schemes for refinancing home loans Where the purchase of housing. The Securi-Pass loan is an advance 0% of monthly payments of a home loan. The CIL-Pass network service is intended for employees encountering short-term housing-related difficulties.

A Prime Accession of €10,000 can also be paid to private non-agricultural employees buying a first new home in Metropolitan France or Overseas. Employees are eligible regardless of their seniority and type of contract provided they do not exceed a certain income ceiling. First, we have to check their eligibility for this Prime Accession, then create an online file. The premium is paid after the signing of an agreement at the time of the final signature at the notary or upon presentation of the call for funds from the promoter or builder.

Landlords also benefit from specific loans for carry out improvement works. Employees on professional mobility can also benefit from assistance and a mobility bridging loan. It is an aid of €1,000 distributed by Action Logement to a person in a situation of employment or access to employment in order to facilitate the proximity of home to the workplace or to facilitate access to employment or training and recruitment.

All these devices are managed by Interprofessional Housing Funds, Departmental Housing Information Associations (ADIL) or the Union of Social Economy of Housing (UESL) which manages the PEEC funds. The Action Logement managers of the companies are the privileged interlocutors to contact.

What is Mobili-Jeune assistance?

The Mobili-Jeune aid enables young people to under 30 in training or work-study to benefit from assistance that can go up to 100 euros per month to finance their rent. Help should be requested on the Internet.

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