“Everyone has to do it nicely”

“Everyone has to do it nicely”
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In “Apolline Matin” this Wednesday on RMC and RMC Story, the president of the Energy Regulatory Commission Jean-François Carenco explained why the French had to save energy, in particular by lowering the heating. But it’s not mandatory.

Are you going to lower the heating at home to participate in the effort to save energy? Jean-François Carenco, president of the Energy Regulation Commission, invites the French to “a gesture of solidarity”, in a difficult context. “We have an unprecedented energy crisis, which is due to the weakness of our nuclear production, which is cyclical, to the overconsumption of gas in Asia following the Covid pandemic and to the war in Ukraine”, he explains. he this Wednesday in “Apolline Matin” on RMC and RMC Story, pointing out that the State has blocked the price of gas and limited the increase in electricity to 4%.

“Consuming less is a gesture of solidarity for the planet, explains Jean-François Carenco. It’s very good, finally. There, it’s not for ecological reasons, but it will teach us to do it. And to do it calmly. Everyone must do it nicely, calmly. It’s not compulsory, it’s just a gesture of solidarity. I don’t forget that there are people who don’t don’t arrive. We don’t ask them anything. We must not make them believe that we are going to ask them for something. Everyone must go there, the administrations, the companies, the individuals who can… Everyone makes the effort that he can do. There is no obligation. It is a gesture of citizenship and solidarity.”

“At the worst of the worst, and I don’t believe it, we will say that we are shedding in such and such a place”

If the French do not reduce their energy consumption, the consequences could be felt in a few months. “If we don’t do it, we have a risk, next winter, that we will have a demand for consumption greater than our ability to satisfy it, indicates the president of the Energy Regulatory Commission. At the worst of the worst, and I don’t believe it, people will say that load shedding is done in such and such a place. It’s already been done in Brittany. They didn’t want means of electricity production in Brittany. .” This is the other major point raised by Jean-François Carenco: the acceptance by the French of seeing wind turbines flourish next to their homes, for example.

“I say to my fellow citizens, accept that to produce electricity, there are some nuisances. We have completely forgotten when we press the button. It works, it’s durable and it’s not expensive. But for that , there have been dozens of villages submerged. There have been thousands of deaths in the coal mines. And now, we are told: ‘It’s not beautiful’. It’s not serious. We are proposing to the government, and it is progressing in the National Assembly, to facilitate the implementation of renewable energies in France. This is the real French drama.” Because to change the model, by reducing the share of fossil fuels, it will be necessary to rely on other sources. “The decarbonization of our country means producing a lot more electricity, perhaps twice as much”, recalls Jean-François Carenco.

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