Life insurance: closure of the euro funds Suravenir Opportunities and Suravenir Rendement on 1 April 2022

apiciluravenir closes its fund in euros Suravenir Opportunities to new payments from April 1, 2022. The Euro Suravenir Opportunity fund will therefore not be closed on April 1, 2022, but simply closed to new payments. The Suravenir Rendement fund in euros is partially closed, because if free payments are no longer possible, all the scheduled payments set up on one of these two euro funds will be paid into Suravenir Rendement.

End clap for Suravenir Opportunities?

This fund should therefore not die for at least several decades. However, this closure of payments has an impact on the number of savers holding one or more contracts insured by Suravenir. The euro fund Suravenir Opportunities has a “tracking record” that is attractive to say the least. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

A closure, for what reasons?

It’s quite simple. The insurer Suravenir no longer guarantees the capital invested in euro funds including management fees, but, like many of its colleagues, passes to the capital guarantee, management fees deducted. The end of 100% guaranteed euro funds is becoming real, Suravenir will therefore replicate what several other insurers are already doing (Spirica, APICIL, etc.). High management fees, thus making it possible to take more risk on the financial markets. Since the capital of the euro fund is only guaranteed once the management fees have been deducted, the insurer then has a free hand to take risks on this part. This obviously leaves the door open to negative returns on Euro Suravenir funds, but this door is already open today with many insurers.

Launch of 2 new euro funds

As of April 1, 2022, Suravenir has taken the decision to close the Suravenir Rendement and Suravenir Opportunities funds in euros to inflows and to launch the Suravenir Rendement 2 and Suravenir Opportunities 2 funds simultaneously in gross annual management fee guarantee (otherwise known as partial guarantee funds). These funds will be invested in the same way as the first versions with the same return objective. Suravenir thus continues to provide policyholders with its expertise in the management of euro funds and in particular the dynamic fund, the signature fund for contracts distributed on the Internet.

What changes as of April 1, 2022?

For Suravenir Rendement 2, the capital guarantee is now gross of the annual management fees (annual management fees of 0.60%).

For Suravenir Opportunities 2, the capital guarantee is partial, up to 97% each year, with a maximum annual management fee of 3%. Excluding a crisis situation on the financial markets, the annual management fees deducted will be 0.60%, as is currently the case.

Suravenir Rendement: the scheduled payments remain

Suravenir Rendement is closed to entries, however people who already have payments scheduled for Suravenir Rendement will stay. However, these scheduled payments cannot be modified.

Suravenir Opportunities: scheduled payments are changing

Concerning Suravenir Opportunitats, the outstandings are also retained, however, the scheduled payments will switch from Suravenir Opportunitite to Suravenir Rendement.

Conditions for payment on the new euro funds

For the funds in euros Suravenir Rendement 2, each payment must include a minimum of 30% in units of account presenting a risk of capital loss from the 1st euro.

For the funds in euros Suravenir Opportunities 2, each payment must include a minimum of 50% in units of account presenting a risk of capital loss from the 1st euro.

Payment conditions on SURAVENIR RENDEMENT 2

Euro funds Insurers Payment conditions
SURFUTURE PERFORMANCE 2 SURFUTURE To be able to invest in the Suravenir Rendement 2 fund in euros, each payment must include at least 30% support in units of account (UA).

Conditions of payment on SURAVENIR OPPORTUNITES 2

Euro funds Insurers Payment conditions
OPPORTUNITIES SURFUTURE 2 SURFUTURE To be able to invest in the Suravenir Opportunities 2 fund in euros, each payment must include at least 50% support in units of account (UA).

Impacts for savers

Savers invested in Suravenir Opportunitites can therefore keep their assets without worry, even after April 1, 2022. The impacts concern new payments, those made via scheduled payments or even management profiles involving this euro fund.

  • Scheduled payments including Suravenir Opportunities : your scheduled payments will be maintained, but of course the Suravenir Opportunity fund in euros will be automatically replaced by the Suravenir Rendement fund in euros from 1 April 2022. The rest of your allocation will remain unchanged.
  • End clap for some profiled management : Some contracts offered management profiles including the Suravenir Opportunites fund. These profiles must therefore be revised. Like the profiled management M Starred, stopped on April 1, 2022. Thus the broker MeilleurTaux placement indicates: “If you wish to make additional payments, You must change your management method and switch from profiled management to free management before 03/31/2022 in order to be able to make additional payments after March 31, 2022. In the absence action on your part, you will no longer be able to make additional payments from April 1, 2022. The change of management mode (from profiled management to free management) is done very simply, without any paper document to return, from your customer area.”.

Life insurance contracts impacted

Contracts Management fees
Euro funds
Management fees
Units of account
Charges on
Minimum deposit.

digital life

0.600% 0.600% 0.00% €100.00


0.600% 0.600% 0.00% €100.00

Future Power

0.600% 0.600% 0.00% €100.00

My Retirement Life Project

0.600% 0.900% 0.00% €100.00
EPARGNISSIMO (Future Growth)

Future Growth

0.600% 0.600% 0.00% €100.00

ethical living

0.600% 1.000% 0.00% €500.00
FORTUNEO (Fortuneo Life)

Fortuneo Life

0.600% 0.750% 0.00% €100.00
GRISBEE (Grisbee Life)

Grisbee Life

0.600% 0.600% 0.00% €1,000.00

The life of Hedios

0.600% 0.600% 0.00% €1,000.00
LINXEA (Linxea Future)

Linxea Future

0.600% 0.600% 0.00% €100.00
BEST INVESTMENT (M Retirement Life)

M Retirement Life

0.600% 0.600% 0.00% €100.00
MY-INVESTMENTS (My Future Investments)

My Future Investments

0.600% 0.600% 0.00% €500.00

This table of life insurance contract euro fund returns is presented sorted on the name of the insurance company, name of the life insurance contract, by default, is sortable in ascending or descending order, depending on the criterion of your choice. To do this, simply click on the title of the corresponding column. A second click on the column title reverses the sort order. A multi-column sort can be performed by pressing the SHIFT key [shift] when selecting columns.

(1)Fund performance in euros, net of management fees, gross of social security contributions.

(2)Net performance of euro funds, net of management fees, net of social contributions. Taxation on capital gains remains potentially applicable for redemptions made beyond the conditions of application of the allowance (see life insurance taxation).

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