“My health space”, the new digital health insurance service is being rolled out

From Wednesday, March 30, policyholders in the Réunion department will receive an email or letter inviting them to activate My Health Space, a new digital service offered by Health Insurance and the Ministry of Solidarity and Health.

The inhabitants of Reunion will soon receive their code to activate My health space!

Personal and secure, My health space is intended to become the future digital health record for citizens, allowing them to store all the health information useful for their medical follow-up (prescriptions, biology analysis results, medical reports, etc. ) and to share them with the healthcare professionals and establishments of their choice.

It also offers health messaging to secure exchanges with the healthcare professionals and establishments that care for them, then it will soon be enriched with a medical diary and a catalog of labeled applications and services.

Since January 31 and until the end of March, the Assurance Maladie sends a letter or an email to each beneficiary of a French health insurance scheme to present them My health space and invite them to activate their profile. From March 30, it will be the turn of Reunion Islanders to receive this invitation. They can choose to activate My health space immediately, or to oppose it, by going to

To do this, simply bring your Vitale card and the temporary code present in the email or letter. If necessary, the insured can call 34 22, the telephone number dedicated to this operation, to request assistance. At the end of a period of 6 weeks from the sending of the email or the information letter, and in the absence of opposition, the profile will be opened.

At any time, regardless of their initial decision, it is possible to activate or close their profile. With My health space, each user can keep all their medical information with them, and have access to digital services that help them participate in the monitoring and preservation of their health on a daily basis.

This personal digital space contains a “secure safe” where all the health documents are classified, useful in the event of urgent hospitalization for example, which will be gradually updated automatically by doctors and other professionals, laboratories, hospitals, etc. It also includes a medical profile where the user can fill in their personal information (allergies and family history, etc.) and update their constants (blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.).

During 2022, My health space will be enriched with a medical diary which can be completed both by the patient and by the professionals and health establishments who follow him and which will ultimately allow him to benefit from reminders for his vaccines or screenings.

In addition, a catalog of applications and services will be added (patient portals, connected objects, etc.), referenced by the public authorities, which will be able to supply My health space if the user agrees. Highly secure, all My Health Space data is hosted in France. In addition, the information recorded in the service is protected by medical secrecy: – Only health professionals authorized by the user can consult it;

– The user can know who consulted, modified, or added a document in his medical file;

– He can also add, delete or hide a document at any time from the site or the application which will be launched in the first quarter of 2022.

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