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According to a study conducted by Cazoo in February 2022, 18% of French people surveyed have already bought, rented or subscribed to a car subscription, entirely online, and say they are ready to do it again.

30% of respondents say they are thinking about renewing their next car entirely online.

These results were obtained from a sample of 839 people questioned in February 2022, as part of a survey carried out by the online car sales specialist Cazoo.

The study highlighted that the main obstacle to buying a car online would be the lack of online car buying solutions offered.

Nearly one in five French people say they have already bought, rented or subscribed to a car subscription on the internet.

The proportion of consumers wishing to buy a vehicle online (from research to payment, including selection and ordering) would be on the increase.

Of the online car buyers in the sample, the majority (29%) are aged 25-34, followed by 35-44 year olds who make up 25% of online car buyers, and 18-23 years at 23% (13% for 45-54 year olds).

It should be noted that a greater proportion are men (25% of men against 12% for women).

Remember that buyers of new vehicles in France are on average 55 years old.

More and more French people say they are ready to try their hand at buying a vehicle online: 30% of respondents plan to order a car entirely online in the future.

People aged 25-34 are those showing the greatest interest compared to the other age groups (25-34: 36%; 45-54: 33%; 35-44: 32%).

For 19% of those questioned, the main reasons explaining why they had not made their previous car purchase on the internet are the lack of opportunity or the absence of fully online purchasing solutions.

“We are currently seeing a transformation in the automotive market with the evolution of the traditional buying journey towards a fully online customer experience. The digital trend has already been adopted in most other consumer sectors, and we continue to do so. by lastingly transforming the way consumers buy or sell their car, thanks to digital. At Cazoo, we make this experience as simple, secure and convenient as buying any other product online. Our customers can buy, finance and soon subscribe to their next car, entirely from our website.We deliver the car to our customers’ homes in a few days, who then benefit from a 7-day money-back guarantee to ensure that the vehicle is delivered to them. is suitable, and we’ll take it back for free if it’s not.We believe that with a better choice of vehicles, information transparency Ons, the quality-price ratio, the ease of purchase as well as the best customer experience on the market, consumers will be seduced and will adopt this new way of acquiring a car”explains Romain Weill, Country Manager France of Cazoo.

The results of the study based on the declaration contrast with the reality of the particularly low sales volumes achieved to date by car manufacturers with online vehicle sales solutions.

Source: Study carried out by Cazoo and Engage Research

Methodology : Study conducted in France with a representative sample of 839 people aged at least 18 over the period from February 1 to 28, 2022.

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