Negotiations with Ukraine: the Russians are “not in good faith”, says Mélanie Joly

Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly condemns the ongoing Russian bombings in Ukraine. (Photo: The Canadian Press)

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Ottawa — Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly condemns the Russian bombardments that continue in Ukraine despite the commitments made during the talks.

“It’s clearly awful what’s happening because we see that while the negotiations are still going on, the two sides can’t trust each other. Why? Because Russia is not showing good faith,” she said Wednesday before heading to a Liberal caucus meeting.

Ms. Joly reiterated that Ottawa was preparing to impose new sanctions against the Russian regime. “We must not stop because we see that the fighting continues.”

The Minister remained vague on the role that Canada could play in the hoped-for achievement of a diplomatic solution.

Ukraine has offered to remain a neutral country, but its security would be guaranteed by a group of countries, much like Article 5 of NATO, which specifies that an attack on one of its members constitutes an attack on all its members.

“I cannot go into the details because of course the negotiations are taking place, but we know that a diplomatic solution, one day, can be found because that is always the case whenever there is, unfortunately, fighting,” she said.

She added that discussions are constant between her and her Ukrainian counterpart — as well as between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“Ukrainians know that you can have discussions where you trust each other extremely.”

Kinross is in talks to sell its Russian assets

Toronto — Kinross Gold (K.TO, $7.30) said Wednesday it is holding exclusive talks to sell its Russian assets.

Toronto Gold Miner owns the Kupol underground mine in the Chukotka region, as well as the Udinsk project, which is in the development stage.

Kinross said on March 2 that it was suspending operations in Russia following the invasion of Ukraine.

Since then, the company says it has received a number of unsolicited proposals about its Russian business, and it is now holding exclusive discussions with an unnamed mining company.

Kinross added that any sale would be subject to Russian government approval. Kinross, which is active in the United States, Brazil, Mauritania, Chile, Ghana and Canada, said it has been active in Russia for more than 25 years.

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