10x cheaper than a bank, will the Nickel account be enough for you?

The Nickel account, integrated into the BNP Paribas group, is going against the current trend among banks in terms of cost. In France, bank charges are up 1.5% to settle at 219.9 euros on average per year in France. Ten times less expensive, Nickel’s offer allows monstrous savings and 2.3 million customers have chosen to change banks to subscribe to it.

For BNP Paribas, Nickel is a way to promote financial inclusion. In addition to its attractive prices, its account is also available to more than 190 passports as well as banking prohibitions. Inclusive, its offer is not only aimed at the poorest. Three service formulas make it suitable for all portfolios. A metal card is even available, and its price is ridiculous compared to other banks.

What to do with a Nickel account?

With no credit or savings offer at the moment, Nickel is focusing on a current account and a payment card. Three formulas exist and the first costs 20 euros per year, all in all. The second costs 30 euros and the third, the Metal offer, costs 80 euros per year. By focusing on the cheapest offer, we will show you what is possible and not possible with the Nickel account.

Current account

Conditions: None

Annual fee: €20 • Initial deposit: €0

Check deposit: ✘ • Cash deposit: ✔

Bank card

Monthly cost of the card: 0 €

Euro zone withdrawals: €0.5 from a tobacconist, €1 at an ATM • Euro zone payments: Free

Withdrawals in foreign currencies: €2 per transaction • Payments in foreign currencies: €1 per transaction

Proposed cards



First, pay. In France and abroad, the Nickel card at 20 euros per year is at ease in France and in the SEPA zone (European Union, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Iceland and Norway). In other foreign countries, the card still works, but each transaction will be charged 1 euro. To avoid this commission, simply opt for the Nickel Chrome card at 30 euros per year (only ten euros more).

To withdraw money, more than 6,000 partner tobacconists are available and the Nickel card offers three free withdrawals. Then each costs 50 cents. With its physical support at the tobacconists, Nickel takes the lead over its competitors and even offers its customers the possibility of depositing checks or cash at these affiliated tobacconists.

Neobanks and many online banks do not allow you to deposit checks or even have branches. Everything is done online. Nickel is indeed a mobile offer, but it is always possible to go face to face with competent people if necessary. The tobacconists can help you, print your bank details, send you the secret code of your card.

The Nickel account generates a French RIB, unlike Revolut or N26 accounts. The cards distributed are debit cards with systematic authorization. As with Boursorama Banque and many online banks and neobanks, cards only allow you to pay if you have enough money for a purchase in your account. In short, it is an additional security to never be exposed.

Discover the Nickel account

For everyday?

So if you’re up for reducing your bank charges, should you choose the Nickel account? If you do not need a savings account, take out a loan or even have an authorized overdraft card, choosing the Nickel account is rather smart.

The Chrome and Metal offers add additional coverage and insurance of a level equivalent to the other establishments, at much lower prices. Also, if your situation limits you in banking possibilities, then Nickel is certainly the most interesting solution.

Now, if you are looking for a daily bank ready to completely replace your old bank, we recommend Boursorama Banque. It is not as inclusive because it requires several conditions of income and/or resources, an address in France as well as an identity card, but its 100% online offer has free cards. With this establishment, you will have the advantage of being able to access all the banking products of a real bank, such as savings accounts, investment solutions or even credit.

Current account

Conditions: No income condition – Welcome and Ultim cards

Annual fee: €0 • Initial deposit: €300

Check deposit: ✔ • Cash deposit: ✘

Bank card

Monthly cost of the card: 0 €

Euro zone withdrawals: Free • Euro zone payments: Free

Foreign currency withdrawals: 1.69% • Foreign currency payments: Free

Proposed cards

mobile payment



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