Belfius Insurance is looking for a new boss

Belfius is looking for a new boss for its insurance division: the mandate of Dirk Vanderschrick at the head of Belfius Insurance will not be extended beyond the general meeting of this April 26.

Within the Belfius group, the announcement came as a surprise. A message posted on the intranet announced the non-renewal of the mandate of Dirk Vanderschrick as Chairman of the Management Board of Belfius Insurance.

“We confirm that Dirk Vanderschrick is leaving the chairmanship of the management committee of Belfius Insurance and that his term of office, which expires at the general meeting of April 26, 2022, will not be renewed”, indicates one within the management. .

No reason givenif not “the growth strategy”. “Belfius still has strong growth potential in the field of bancassurance. This conclusion emerges from a strategic study carried out in December. In order to realize this growth potential, Belfius has decided to adapt its governance at group level towards a more integrated collaboration model while respecting the legal obligations of Belfius Insurance.”

In the union ranks, the surprise is great and no forerunner did not suggest such an announcement. “On the contrary! The results are good.”

the name of successor should quickly be known since the management evokes a possible appointment at the general meeting of Belfius Insurance, subject, of course, to the approval of the regulator.

4 insurers for a group

With the departure of Dirk Vanderschrick, Belfius Insurance is experiencing its 4th change of governance. At the helm in the Dexia Bank era, Guy Roelandt (ex-DVV) ensured the transition until the arrival in 2012 of Marc Raisière, from the Axa group.

“Dirk remains an ambassador for Belfius and will thus represent Belfius in companies in which the Belfius group has holdings.”

The latter had been in charge until 2014, when he took over the reins of the bank. Eric Kleynen had then succeeded him in the insurance before being thanked two years later.

After a few months of interim provided by Marc Raisière, Dirk Vanderschrick had switched from the management of retail and commercial banking activities to insurance.

In the internal message, management makes it clear thatthis is not a dismissal. “Dirk remains an ambassador for Belfius and will thus represent Belfius in companies in which the Belfius group has holdings.”
The message also mentions the new challenges he will take up without specifying whether his role as ambassador will be temporary.

34 years of career

Dirk Vanderschrick joined Belfius in 1988 by Bacob. He was then responsible for Financial Markets activities, a position he also held at Dexia Bank Belgium (DBB) until 2006 before joining the DBB management committee. Then followed the title of COO and CFO of DBB.

Under the Belfius era, he returned to the management of Financial Markets activities, before taking over the management of retail banking and commercial banking activities between 2013-2018.

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