Canovia, an investment bank that has become a company with a mission

Finance is neither good nor bad. It is only a measuring tool. It is never pure reality but it allows us to approach it », emphasizes Marc-Antoine Seris, CEO of Canovia, founded in 2007. His historical approach through mathematics and statistics leads him to offer his investor clients several possible scenarios, taking into account the needs of each and the long-term impacts. term.

For example, during a transmission of a vineyard, in front of the pater familias, the members of the same family do not dare to express their personal needs. Thanks to our social approach, we carry out individual interviews to determine what would be the most sustainable solutions, with different financial possibilities so that everyone can project themselves into the future. explains Mathilde Julien, CSR Transition and Consulting Services Manager.

Where a notarial firm would give the most profitable solution in the short term. ” Sometimes the client himself needs a period of maturation to project himself into his future. The idea is for the project to continue and for everyone to benefit from it. “, continues Mathilde Julien.

A repositioning towards SMEs and ETIs in the region

When it was created in 2007, Canovia was a chartered accountant firm but for a few years, its manager has had the desire to structure his company to respond to a “360 degree” offer in order to cover all the needs of companies located in a geographical segment Paris-Lyon.

The entrepreneur, deeply committed to a CSR approach, chooses a regional positioning and aims to support SMEs and ETIs, after having proven himself with major international groups. His target? Those who are convinced that it is necessary to have more responsible actions but who do not have time to take care of it because they have other immediate concerns.

Marc-Antoine Seris and his team put their knowledge of financial strategies at the service of SMEs and ETIs. ” We were very strong internationally but almost non-existent at the regional level “. Belonging to André Le Groupe, Canovia, however, remains independent in its operation due, in particular, to its status as a company with a mission.

A financier who becomes a company with a mission

Certified B-Corp – one of the most demanding in terms of sustainable development – since last summer, Canovia is one of the pioneers in the region. The investment bank was the first in Côte-d’Or and the second in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

In 2020, when the PACTE Law allowed companies to include in their statutes their desire to have a societal mission as their main objective, Marc-Antoine Seris naturally embarked on the process of becoming a company with a mission. Almost an administrative formality for the entrepreneur who had already checked all the boxes. ” The hardest part was convincing the shareholders “, he notes.

From the start, his philosophy was to ensure that finance is a tool for economic development while respecting communities and the environment. The company works “in project mode” to find the skills needed for each client. Lawyers, management controllers, CSR and financial managers work together. ” What is recognized by our customers is the precision of the support “, emphasizes Mathilde Julien.

Ethical financing solutions

If Canovia is identified as an investment bank, its business is not retail sales. ” We are a bank because we have the ability to find the best means of ethical financing, either by going through banks in the classic way, or by building the financing tools ourselves. “says Mathilde Julien.

For example, for wine-growing activities, Canovia has developed a wine-growing land group managed by a platform. ” This tool is aimed at winegrowers who need to invest. Until then one of the solutions was to sell part of their land “, explains Mathilde Julien. ” Which is a shame because the winegrowers fragment their heritage, often bought by foreigners “, she continues.

By allowing partners and individuals to enter the capital of their company with cash, winegrowers can thus invest quickly. As for the partners, they can only take dividends… bottles! ” Our solution maximizes profit while ensuring winegrowers do their work in good conditions. “says Mathilde Julien.

Canovia thus manages a dozen wine land groups on this platform. A real financial tool at the service of the development of a territory.