Guardians of the Galaxy are ready to celebrate Christmas with the Holiday Special

This special episode directed by James Gunn is expected for Christmas 2022 on Disney+. We will see the Marvel team there during the holiday season.

Launched in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy didn’t take long to become a fan-favorite character. Taking up the principle of a band of broken arms who join together to save the universe, James Gunn’s film was a success, with more than 770 million dollars in box office revenue worldwide. After a sequel in 2017 and a major role in the duology Avengers Infinity War/End of Gamethe Guardians will soon be back for a third installment.

A Christmas that promises to be even crazier

Expected in 2023, this episode is highly anticipated by fans. Again directed by James Gunn (who also makes DC happy with Peacemaker), this adventure should above all mark the end of the team as we know it. For the moment, the plot of this third installment remains very mysterious, even if we know that the Guardians will have to face Adam Warlock, played by Will Poulter. However, good news for fans, it will not be necessary to wait until 2023 to find the shock team. In the purest Disney tradition, it will be at the heart of a Vacation Speciala TV movie taking place especially on the occasion of the end of year celebrations. From a chronological point of view, this special Christmas episode should take place between the events of Thor: Love and Thunderexpected next July, and the third part of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Currently being filmed on the Atlanta side, recent shots taken at the filming location may have revealed the main lines of this episode, which promises to be even richer in humor and parody. The photos do indeed show Christmas decor around a house, which could indicate that the action of the Vacation Special takes place on Earth. Back on the blue planet to help the Avengers against Thanos, will the Guardians discover this very special period in the United States?

Several Marvel characters introduced in this special episode

What is certain is that fans will be in the mood, as James Gunn recently confirmed that this Holiday special would be released on Disney + for Christmas 2022. While waiting to find out more, fans can fortunately count on the filmmaker, who is still very active on social networks to communicate, discuss current projects and give some leads to the most curious. A few hours ago he announced that “ more than one fantastic new character will be introduced in the MCU” in this TV movie. In addition to Adam Warlock, who could make his debut before episode 3, theories on the identity of these characters quickly fused. Among the most popular tracks, that of Nova, a character historically close to the Guardians and who will soon be arriving in the MCU.

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