In Clamecy, La Dame de Coeur creates everything on site

Everything is made here, at 12, rue du Grand-Marché. For a long time, the Ladies of Hearts formed a nice duo in their shared shop opened in this street of the old center in December 2019. A business launched in the form of an association.

On the one hand, Céline Gras, whose activity was dedicated to women’s ready-to-wear via 7e Art couture, and on the other, Pascale Diaz, designer of embroidered jewelry, who had also launched her microenterprise, called Beryl and Jade.


But then, a lot has happened over the past two years. Pascale Diaz, designer of embroidered jewelry, left Nièvre to follow one of her daughters in Tarn at the end of August 2021 and open a new page in her life.

“I have not found anyone ready to invest. And yet, I looked,” laments Céline Gras, who sometimes had to review her opening hours, especially during the launch of her new collection, which kept her very busy.
She also continues her activity as a luggage designer in this boutique workshop which allows her to present her many creations. “I do everything here. My studio is upstairs.

This work begins with the selection of fabrics. At a glance, we quickly understand that his work has been marked by vintage. “My references are the thirties to the sixties. I think it’s a nice mod. It’s the eye you put into it and the fabric you place in it that makes the product more or less current…”.

Then she develops her own patterns, defines ultimately timeless cuts. “When I like them, I optimize them in multiple colors and sizes in order to offer ready-to-wear at consistent prices”.

Alone to do the cutting, assembly and sale, her workshop has become the beating heart of a long-term job that seeks to combine product quality and respect for a job well done.

I think about the models so that they are the easiest to wear.

For luggage, it launched a new product on request, a backpack. “I think about the models so that they are the easiest to wear. So, there, it is recycled upholstery fabrics. Whenever I can, I use recycled fabrics. The cut is optimized by the choice of different colors. Last year, at the end of the year, I created my own range of recycled calfskin or cowhide. These are large leather goods shops that no longer use these leathers and resell them. Of course, I try to work according to what I have. I advocate a clean line, efficient, practical for the everyday woman who works, who moves.

“An autodidact, very skilled with her hands”

The most surprising thing is that Céline Gras is self-taught in sewing. She is well qualified, but in pharmacy, after training as a preparer. Born in Bourges, she grew up in Sancoins before her studies took her to Nevers then to Clamecy where the family settled. “I first created for myself, for my children and my girlfriends. The revelation came 18/19 years ago. She feels good in this shop compared to the traveling salons she used to practice.

Two new shops are opening in Clamecy

She is not the only one to present her creations because there are now nine French craftsmen who exhibit. “Including Pascale Diaz jewellery, other enamelled silver jewellery, shoes from Romans-sur-Isère, espadrilles from Mauléon”. The store makes sense. “It allows me to suggest changes to my customers when trying on a dress. I can shorten it, make a dart, adjust the shoulders, redo my patterns. The space is now full and I dress all generations from 34 to 48”.

Currently, she is completing the production of her new ready-to-wear collection and is preparing new “nice” bags for the summer.

The Ladies of Hearts. 12 Grand Market Street. Phone. : 06 43 79 45 92. Facebook page: The Ladies of Hearts

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