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The car sharing company Mobility can boast of having achieved a satisfactory 2021 financial year. Despite the prolongation of the pandemic, the cooperative society recorded a turnover of 80.7 million francs and a profit of 2.8 million francs. We owe these good results mainly to the growth of the private client segment.

As the figures show, Mobility Société Coopérative’s emblematic red vehicles were put to good use last year. The cooperative recorded an increase in its annual turnover, which reached CHF 80.7 million (+6.8%) and in its profit, which amounted to CHF 2.8 million (+6.4%).

While public transport remained little used overall in Switzerland in 2021 due to the pandemic, Mobility vehicles were again in greater demand. Customer reservations were more frequent and on average longer. “I am pleased that the growth of the private client segment has enabled us to more than offset the negative effects of the pandemic,” says director Roland Lötscher. Despite everything, the Covid-19 has left its mark: after a significant decline in 2020, the figures for the business customer segment have stagnated at their level of the previous year. In this segment, Mobility hopes for a significant recovery in 2022.

Mobility carried out a flourishing prospection of customers. As in the previous year, the cooperative recorded growth of 9%. Thanks to this increase of 22,100 people, Mobility has totaled 267,100 users. At the same time, Mobility cleared its customer base and deleted around 25,000 data sets. Roland Lötscher clarifies: “These were duplicates of inactive customer data that we sorted out.” In the end, the new total of customers amounts to 242,300 people.

One in ten Mobility vehicles soon to be electric

The digitization of our car sharing business goes hand in hand with the electrification of the entire fleet of vehicles by 2030. Of our fleet of around 3,000 cars, 200 are already electric. This year, the fleet should have as many more electric vehicles. In addition, preparations for the development of the charging infrastructure are in full swing, in collaboration with partners such as SBB, the Raiffeisen group and Swiss cities.


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