Robbery in a business in Puy-de-Dôme, military planes fly over Limousin … The striking news of this Wednesday

The facts took place at 7 a.m., this Wednesday morning, in the tobacco bar restaurant La Suite, avenue de Cournon, in Pont-du-Château. Two employees, the chef and a waitress, were in the process of opening the business. As per usual. But the day finally got off to a bad start. “A hooded man was waiting in the parking lot, then he pointed them with a shotgun,” says the manager of the business.

Many military planes pass over Corrèze as part of the annual “Serpentex” exercise

The many flights seen and heard yesterday evening, Tuesday March 29, in the sky of Corrèze and Creuse, are the result of the military exercise “Serpentex”. A large-scale annual operation, “which has nothing to do with the events in Ukraine”, specifies the deputy military delegate of Corrèze.

War in Ukraine: still so many bombings, residents of Mariupol forcibly evacuated to Russia

Ukrainian authorities on Wednesday accused Russia of having bombed the city of Cherniguiv in the north of the country all night, despite Moscow’s announcement the day before of a “reduction” of its military activity. The authorities of the martyr city of Mariupol denounce the evacuation against their will of 20,000 civilians to Russia. The Russian delegation in Istanbul does not consider the negotiations very promising.

Lucas Paulos uncertain with CAB, Tevita Ratuva back: update on the forces present before the derby

To prepare for the trip to Clermont, the staff of CA Brive can boast of having an overstaffed workforce. The match, won against Castres, did not leave too many traces in the ranks except on Lucas Paulos. The 2nd Argentinian line has been spared at the start of the week and remains uncertain for the meeting. But there is good news at the station: the return of Tevita Ratuva, who had cleaned up last week. We take stock.

What we know about the police operation in a Traveler camp in Clermont-Ferrand

A vast judicial operation was carried out this Tuesday, March 29 in the morning, in a camp of travelers in Clermont-Ferrand with, as a result, around fifteen arrests. But not only…

Why does the environment not find an echo in the presidential campaign?

UN chief condemns recent ‘terrorist’ attacks in Israel

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday condemned “recent terrorist attacks” in Israel, which killed at least 11 people in total, calling for an immediate end to the violence. “Such acts of violence can never be justified and must be condemned by all,” the UN chief said in a statement from his spokesperson. At least five people were killed on Tuesday in the suburbs of Tel Aviv by a gunman, and six others died in two other attacks in recent days.

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