Servette FC Academy at Les Evaux: “the appeals are 99% ready”

A Genevabuilding permits for the temporary relocation of the Servette FC academy in the Evaux park have been issued. According to the canton, this is an “encouraging signal” for the progress of this project which is directly linked to the construction of a new orientation cycle at Balexert. An installation project in Les Evaux against which several entities will appeal.

Appeals against these authorizations are possible, three departments reminded Thursday in a joint press release. Given that the facilities planned for the reception of young footballers have been strongly contested by local residents as well as by nature conservation associations, these appeals are logically expected.

This is the case of the association Sauvons le Parc des Evaux (which brings together several Geneva associations such as Safeguarding Geneva, the Association for the Safeguarding of Confignon and surroundings, the ChavazBien Association (Onex) or the Safeguarding Association of Bernex and Confignon (ASBEC)) claims, appeals will be filed.

The Association, which has long been leading a rebellion against the arrival of the Servette FC academy in Les Evaux, also criticizes the lack of transparency in the file.

“Coherence in our arguments”

Among the future appellants, the municipality of Onex, the only municipality opposed to the project. A town that has a large part of the Parc des Evaux on its territory but also the François-Chavaz path, the access road planned for the academy project. An Onesian commune convinced by its fight.

“Prejudicial opposition”

On the side of the authorities, we welcome the progress of the project. In writing, the State Councilor in charge of the Department of Social Cohesion Thierry Apotheloz remains aware of the path to be traveled. “I know that this decision is not the final touch to the temporary relocation of the academy”, adds the magistrate.

“Opposition to this would be extremely detrimental to Geneva sport, with a major impact on the commissioning of infrastructures essential for the compulsory education of hundreds of young people. I would like to remind you that opposition to building permits would be detrimental to the installation schedule, which will be delayed with uncontrollable delays. Not to mention an additional cost for the State estimated at 50 million francs”, specifies Thierry Apotheloz, however.

2,900 square meter building

The installation of the Servette FC academy requires the renovation and transformation of four football pitches in Les Evaux as well as the construction of a temporary building of 2900 m2. Tree felling is planned to carry out this work. According to the canton, this new training center for the next generation of football preserves the original qualities of the Evaux park.

The young footballers of Servette FC currently play and train at Balexert, in Vernier. However, this place, occupied by the garnet club, must accommodate a new cycle of orientation which the canton urgently needs. A credit of 95 million francs was voted by the Grand Council for this new infrastructure.

The relocation of the academy to Les Evaux will make it possible to free up the Balexert site in the summer of 2023 to build the new cycle there. Its opening is scheduled for the start of the 2026 school year. A delay in the start of work would result in an additional cost for the State of around 50 million francs, note the Departments in the press release.

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