Ten days before the ballot, Emmanuel Macron intends to “reconcile ecology and economy”

Ten days before the ballot, Emmanuel Macron intends to “reconcile ecology and economy”
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In his letter to the French, where Emmanuel Macron announced his candidacy on March 3, the objective in terms of ecology is ambitious. The President-candidate intends to make France “a great ecological Nation, the one which will be the first to emerge from dependence on gas, oil and coal”. Ten days before the first round, while the environment is absent from the radar, Emmanuel Macron precisely devoted this Thursday to a trip to this theme, in Charente-Maritime. Way to respond to his detractors. But also to work his electorate. In the event of a second round against Marine Le Pen, he will need the voices of the left… and environmentalists.

While the head of state has often been criticized for his (in)action, this is first and foremost an opportunity for Emmanuel Macron to take stock. “I assume to be the one who put an end to major projects”, such as “the airport of Notre-Dame-des-Landes”, “EuropaCity” or “the mountain of gold, which was terrible for biodiversity “, recalled in the town of Fouras Emmanuel Macron, who adds that his government has” doubled the rate of reduction of our CO2 emissions over the past five years. Now we have to go even further.”

“Continue to produce and have economic activities”

The candidate, who defends “an ecology of everyday life and progress”, especially dwelt on his project. It intends to combine the fight against global warming and the desire to “continue to produce and have economic activities”, while “accelerating” the ecological transition. He adds :

Our challenge is to produce in a more ecological way, to have a model that produces better, but not less.

If “closing overnight” the most polluting industries, such as “large steel and cement works”, “would be crazy”, he intends to “change production techniques”. Its goal: “Reconcile ecology and economy”. For mobility, he does not want to “stigmatize” the French, while developing electricity, with a leasing system. The Head of State also wants to continue the policy of thermal renovation, increasing the number of homes renovated to 700,000 per year, while developing “sobriety” in our consumption.

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In this all-electric perspective, Emmanuel Macron wants to “develop solar” and “wind power”, especially “at sea”. But to meet demand, the President is betting above all, as we know, on nuclear power, “because if we produce more, renewables will not be enough for us”. Six new EPR reactors will be launched, plus eight under study.

“We only have vulgar attempts at communication effects” denounces Senator Sophie Taillé-Polian

Unsurprisingly, the head of state’s project is harshly criticized by Yannick Jadot’s team. “Compared to the stakes, we only have vulgar attempts at communication effects. On the one hand, there is a very great importance of lobbies in this government. And there is a crucial lack of investment in the ecological transition and a lack of management. All of this denotes – and it is very present in the speech of the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire – a deeply anti-ecological message, ”denounces Senator Génération. s Sophie Taillé-Polian, project coordinator for candidate Yannick Jadot.

For the senator from Val-de-Marne, nuclear power advocated by Emmanuel Macron “is a false solution”. Sophie Taillé-Polian, who defends ambitious objectives in terms of renewables, thinks “that French men and women are aware that Emmanuel Macron is not a candidate who can make ecology a banner, given his record. It is always subject to short-term private interests”. Ten days before the ballot, the environmentalist senator is still counting on “an environmentalist vote” in favor of Yannick Jadot, despite the absence of the climate issue in this funny campaign.

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