The Moroccan-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Dakhla only consolidates the international recognition of the Moroccanness of the Sahara (president)

Wednesday, March 30, 2022 at 03:18 PM

Brasilia – The recent opening of a Moroccan-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Dakhla only consolidates the international recognition of the Moroccanness of the Sahara, said the president of the Morocco-Africa-Brazil Chamber of Commerce, Farid Mechqi.

“The visit of the delegation and the opening of the Chamber of Commerce in Dakhla reflects, in its political dimension, a political message through which the Moroccan-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, as an institution recognized by the official Brazilian authorities, consecrates the Moroccanness of the Sahara,” said Mr. Mechqi in a statement to MAP.

The opening of this chamber of commerce also has an economic dimension, because “the city of Dakhla is one of the most important cities in the provinces of southern Morocco, because it constitutes a relay bridge with other African countries. ”, he explained.

Thus, the southern provinces and the city of Dakhla in particular, constitute an ideal platform to translate South-South cooperation into reality, in this case between South America and Africa, not to mention the advantage linked to the proximity of Europe, continued the president of the Morocco-Africa-Brazil Chamber of Commerce.

For him, “this initiative is precisely in line with the strategy of HM King Mohammed VI in terms of South-South cooperation, focused on exploring new horizons of cooperation, particularly with the countries of Latin America, where Brazil plays a leading role”.

The Morocco-Africa-Brazil Chamber of Commerce can play an important role in encouraging Brazilian businessmen and investors to invest in the city of Dakhla and in all the cities of the southern provinces, so as to contribute to progress, prosperity, development and job creation for young people in the region.

In addition, he affirmed that trade between the Kingdom and Brazil has continued to grow in recent years, the South American country becoming one of Morocco’s largest partners, with a net trade surplus of the Kingdom.

Mr. Mechqi nevertheless believes that there is enormous potential for cooperation that remains to be exploited, hence the visit of the Brazilian delegation, including the deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro, and the opening of a Moroccan-Brazilian chamber of commerce in Dakhla.

“We aspire to bring points of view closer, to defend common interests, to strengthen Moroccan-Afro-Brazilian economic and trade relations and to establish fruitful partnerships, which we can consolidate regularly through trade and industrial fairs, events cultures and exchanges of information and experiences”, he explained.

The short-term objective, noted Mr. Mechqi, is to help Brazilian companies set up in Morocco, promote dialogue between public and private sector actors and contribute to making Morocco a center for global investment. and a platform for Brazilian exports to Africa and the world, taking advantage of the Kingdom’s leading infrastructure.

The Moroccan-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce was inaugurated last Saturday in Dakhla, notably by Eduardo Bolsonaro, federal deputy and political adviser to the Brazilian president. It mainly aims to consolidate trade and economic cooperation between Morocco and Brazil.

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