which one to choose when you are a professional

If the younger generations, very much in tune with dematerialized services and mobile applications, already easily trust online banks, this choice is sometimes less obvious for older audiences. And especially for professionals who need guarantees regarding the security of these services and for affiliated transactions.

Online banking: certain advantages

First good point for online banking, most of the services offered are free and, on average, it is estimated that you can save up to €200 per year by subscribing to it. An internet platform, as qualitative as it is, costs less than the staff and premises needed for the proper functioning of physical agencies.
Moreover, online banks, such as Prismea, are generally subsidiaries of standard and nationally recognized banking brands, which can only reassure their users. All day-to-day transactions linked to the online pro account are therefore possible and secure, as are savings, financial investments and consumer loans.
Finally, the opening hours of dedicated customer services are generally wider: between 8 am and 9 pm from Monday to Saturday, very often.

It can also be considered that online banks know the flaws of their strengths, so to speak. Cash withdrawal and check remittance may be less obvious at some locations. And it is not always possible to rely on the advice of a banker assigned to you. Which is not always ideal if you want to benefit from a follow-up for your company’s cash flow, or even when it comes to putting together a file for a loan application, for example…

But some online banks are adapting and are committed to offering additional services.

Prismea, the online pro account that adapts

Combining the legitimacy of Crédit du Nord experts with the agility of an online offer, Prismea makes the daily lives of professionals easier, for example. It offers them, as part of the opening of a professional bank account, many advantages:

  • aggregation of accounts on the same intuitive application;
  • lower, fixed and non-binding fees (account maintenance, credit card, checkbook, transfer, direct debit, overdraft, etc.);
  • configurable cards (physical and virtual) for the manager and his teams;
  • possible delegation of rights to various collaborators;
  • summary of transactions in real time and with unlimited access;
  • customer service available by phone in two minutes…

The advantages that Prismea offers for professionals are also non-binding and at transparent prices. Between the Prismea Starter package, which is ideal for the self-employed and the liberal professions, the Prismea Performance package, more aimed at very small businesses, and the Prismea Premium package, adapted to the needs of SMEs, these offers are above all adaptable and designed to meet the particular needs that professionals may express.

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