Zelensky points to Belgium’s diamond trade with Russia

The Ukrainian President addressed the Belgian Federal Parliament. We know that Volodymyr Zelensky likes to give each country a special mention. He targeted in particular the Russian diamonds of Antwerp.

Mariupol, like Ypres

Facing the Belgians, the Ukrainian President made reference to Belgium during the First World War, with the Battle of Ypres, in a comparison with Mariupol, city ​​besieged by the Russians and which he describes as “hell on earth, one of the most horrible places in Europe”. And sent a spade on the Antwerp diamond trade.

“There are some for whom Russian diamonds, sometimes sold in Antwerp, are more important.”

Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukrainian President

“I would like to ask you today: what are they hoping for, these defenders of Mariupol and other cities of Ukraine, where there are battles no less terrible than the battle of Ypres – and it is perhaps even worse in Mariupol… What are they waiting for?” Volodymyr Zelensky continued: “One gets the impression that the Europeans do not have enough courage when Ukraine has already given thousands of lives to defend security in Europe”.

Antwerp diamonds

He extended the perspectives of his people’s struggle to the whole continent. “The defenders of Ukraine are fighting for the safety of all cities in Europe. Do they think about money, revenue from companies? No, I don’t think so, these are two different worlds that coexist.”

“No one has enough determination to help us stop the catastrophe.”

Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukrainian President

His speech then pointed to the economic interests which, according to him, are holding back the political struggle. And as expected, the Ukrainian President quoted russian diamonds. “We are fighting against the tyranny which wants to divide Europe, which wants to destroy those for whom freedom is very important. But there are those for whom Russian diamonds, sometimes sold at Antwerpare more important. For whom accepting Russian ships and the income from these ships is more important than our struggle.”

Search for support

The President of Ukraine regretted lack of western support to help his country drive out the invader. “No one has enough determination to help us stop the catastrophe.”

In his conclusion, Zelensky hammered again: “I think peace is more valuable than diamonds, than agreements with Russia, than Russian ships in ports, than Russian oil and gas. So, help us: armaments, sanctions, the possibility of becoming a member of the European Union…

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo replied to Volodymyr Zelensky that the Belgian army had ordered new weapons for Ukraine. He promised her accelerated economic integration of Ukraine and Europe. He showed confidence in the diplomatic talks. And assured that Europe would be at the forefront of the reconstruction of Ukraine, with a European Marshall Plan for Ukraine. “Ukraine will win and freedom will eventually win. Keep the faith!”, He told the President, dressed as usual in a khaki T-shirt.

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