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In 2022, building manufacturers and distributors will have to choose an eco-organization to organize waste recycling. Eco-mobilier puts at their service its experience acquired in particular with furniture, DIY or wood professionals as well as its network of collection points.

Eco-mobilier was created in 2011 by manufacturers and distributors in the furniture sector to organize the recycling of their end-of-life products. Ten years later, it has become the house’s eco-organization with 1.2 million tonnes of waste processed per year, more than 60% of which is wood, but also foam, scrap metal and plastic. A multi-material eco-organization that has increased the recycling of household objects to almost 95%. It is therefore quite natural that, after DIY and the garden, games and toys, Eco-mobilier is positioning itself in building construction products and materials.

Two new obligations: eco-participation and recovery

With the AGEC law (Anti Waste for a Circular Economy), manufacturers and distributors of building construction products and materials (PMCB) will have to pay an eco-contribution to finance the collection, sorting and recycling of building waste. and organize their recovery. Two new obligations for which Eco-mobilier already has simple, operational solutions right away thanks to its expertise and its network.

Indeed, some of the historical members of Eco-mobilier are distributors of articles and building materials or professionals in the wood sector, concerned by several new EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) sectors. Eco-mobilier has worked on a global solution to manage all of their recycling obligations: furniture, DIY and garden, construction products and materials. On a single account, it will be possible to manage all declarations and all eco-contributions to comply.

Ease of management therefore, but also tailor-made solutions to organize the recovery free of charge and without obligation to purchase. Indeed, the law stipulates that any store with more than 4,000 m2 of sales area, including storage space, must take back pre-sorted building waste from its customers, individuals or professionals. On this subject, the experience of Eco-mobilier, which has already deployed this type of service throughout the country for furniture distributors, is a major asset. With a network of 5,500 collection points, including 3,600 public recycling centers, Eco-mobilier has a solution for the customers of each store.

Advance recycling in France

With building REP, Eco-mobilier aims to develop real recycling channels in France, particularly for wood. The tonnage of wood collected could thus drop from 750,000 tonnes to 2 million tonnes. “Our ambition is to be self-sufficient in France in terms of recycling capacity and for waste to be recycled as close as possible to its place of production. These are logistic and carbon impact savings. It’s a kind of ecological patriotism that I totally accept” concludes Dominique Mignon, president of Eco-mobilier. With the focus on the idea of ​​making these constraints an opportunity for everyone.

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