Extinction Rebellion sabotaged twelve ATMs

On the night of Wednesday March 30 to Thursday March 31, activists from the environmental movement Extinction Rébellion sabotaged twelve ATMs of four different banks in Toulouse. With this gesture, they denounce the role of financial companies in the climate crisis.

Extinction Rébellion activists claimed responsibility for the sabotage of twelve ATMs © twitter Extinction Rébellion

New punch action. After covering the windows of a first bank in Toulouse with blood red paint, activists from the movement to fight against climate change Extinction Rébellion have sabotaged a dozen ATMs on the night of Wednesday 30 to Thursday 31 March. These belong to four different financial groups: BNP Paribas, Société Générale, Crédit Agricole and Banque Populaire – Caisse d’Épargne. Signs, mentioning “out of service”, were stuck on the screens of the machines.

Banks singled out in the climate crisis…

Through this gesture, the activists denounce the role of these big banks in the current climate crisis. “Despite their green speeches, [les banques] allocate 70% of their energy financing to oil, coal and shale gas. In total, these 41.5 billion euros of black funding condemn us, according to the latest Oxfam reports, to a trajectory above 4°C”, explains Extinction Rébellion on its Twitter account, before quoting the last part of the report. of the IPCC which believes that human influence is only accelerating global warming.

…And in the social crisis

Secondly, environmental activists in Toulouse point the finger at banking practices of these financial groups towards their clients. “Millions of French people pay up to 50 euros per month in “small bank charges”, which, accumulated, represent seven billion euros stolen each year. Euro after euro, the precarious suffer the dictatorship of money which reinforces inequalities, ”they add on Twitter.

Awareness and transparency

Following these observations, Extinction Rébellion demands “ full transparency of these firms regarding their investments and the environmental consequences they generate”. And in particular “the publication of direct and indirect CO2 emissions […] of their activities”.

Moreover, the activists demand that the banks themselves actively participate in the fight against global warmingunder the Paris Agreement, starting with “the immediate cessation of financing and investment in fossil fuels in France or abroad”.

Finally, the militants of the movement demand a bank charges capped at 10 euros per month and 100 euros per year for their customers.

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