How to get the best rate with Multi-Prêts?

Are you about to purchase a property? Know that finding a mortgage is an important step towards obtaining the home of your dreams. This must include advantageous conditions according to your situation, in particular an attractive rate. Here’s how Multi-Prêts brokers can help you get the best rate for your needs!

They take your situation into account

By choosing to use the expertise of Multi-Prêts mortgage brokers, you entrust the search for your mortgage rate to a person whose mission is to find the one that is most favorable to you. Your broker is at your service and ensures that he finds out about your situation to guide his research.

Among other things, he will ask you about your tolerance for rate fluctuations, your desire and ability to make early repayments and when you are likely to sell your property. Each of the information you provide will allow your broker to establish the most relevant variables according to your situation.

They inform you of your options

Multi-Prêts mortgage brokers — such as those at Hypothèque Facile ( — are there to inform you, guide you and support you throughout the steps related to your mortgage and its rate, in particular. Taking into account your answers to their questions, they will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options available to you, including the following:

The first is usually higher than the second, but is more suitable for people who have a low tolerance for risk, for example.

  • The amortization period

Its duration has an influence on the total interest paid until the complete repayment of your mortgage loan as well as on the amount of the monthly payments.

Your assigned broker will also show you strategies to help you get the best rate. This may include, among other things, the best time to renew your mortgage, the most appropriate type of mortgage and the evolution of rates over time.

They are specialists in their field

In addition to mastering all the elements that must be taken into consideration when choosing a mortgage in order to guide your decision, Multi-Prêts mortgage brokers have other advantages.

For example, the rates displayed on the sites of financial institutions are often higher than what they can really offer you, since they keep room for manoeuvre. By entrusting the search for your rate to a broker, not only do you have access to mortgage rates that are not displayed, but you are also able to find out if any discounts come with advantageous conditions. In any case, your broker evaluates all the options that apply to your situation and negotiates the best rate for you — and all that for free!

Would you like to obtain a tailor-made mortgage? Multi-Prêts brokers are there to analyze the rates and conditions of your loan so that you can make an informed decision. Contact their team to discuss your needs!

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