Incredible discovery in Montpellier: dinosaur skeletons found at the foot of Pic Saint-Loup

Photographer Régis Domergue made the incredible discovery while testing his new drone above Lac du Jeantou, near Saint-Mathieu-de-Tréviers.

This is a “major” discovery that Régis Domergue made at the start of the year at the foot of Pic Saint-Loup. An event that could cause major upheavals in Saint-Mathieu-de-Tréviers. The photographer has indeed detected the traces of the skeletons of three dinosaurs, at the level of the small lake of Jeantou.

A drone with a LiDAR camera

The story dates back to the beginning of 2022. “As a professional drone pilot, I acquired a LiDAR camera which allows me to work in spectra other than the visible”, explains Régis Domergue. “This camera also has a PESC-IR type sensor which allows you to go much deeper in order to detect ghost images. It is not of course a question of detecting ghosts, but of revealing bone locations even if those these have been damaged by time”.

This camera uses the principle of quantum photon release with reverse phase detection. These images then require significant processing because the image produced by the sensor remains essentially in the visible spectrum domain and reveals very little of the details sought.

Three skeletons at the bottom of the lake

It was therefore during a drone scouting mission above Lake Jeantou that certain things intrigued the photographer. He therefore understood many shots, which he then transmitted to his client, the National Institute of Reconstructive Archeology. “And after analysis, processing and numerous checks, the news has come: Lake Janteou is home to at least 3 Camarasaurus skeletons!”

A dinosaur of 18 meters in adulthood

These are sauropod (herbivorous) dinosaurs, living during the Upper Jurassic. But where it gets complicated is that until now this species of dinosaur was only listed in North America, which upsets all the certainties of experts in the field.

These dinosaurs measured 18 meters in adulthood, but it would seem that those detected at the foot of Pic Saint-Loup were slightly smaller, “unless it is an artifact from the depths”, says Régis Domergue .

Restrictive measures

The case caused a stir because all the scientists in the world would take up this case, placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Research. The first development work has begun and major excavations will therefore take place in the coming weeks and months.

If on the scientific level the affair is pleasing, it is not the same for the business and the daily life of the inhabitants of the region. Indeed, within a radius of 8 km around the lake, all real estate projects will be suspended and those that have not reached 50% of progress will be blocked. Preventive measures concerning agriculture could also be put in place, in order to prohibit all crops exploiting more than 25 cm of soil within a radius of 15 km.

The research area that could involve the suspension of any project.

Régis Domergue, who thought he knew the Pic Saint-Loup from all angles, still hasn’t come back to be at the origin of this historic discovery. “I will follow the case with the greatest interest”, assures the photographer.

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