Pôle emploi can now consult the balance of your life insurance

Pôle Emploi can now consult the Ficovie file, what impact for the holder of life insurance? (Credits: Stéphane Masclaux –

Until March 20, 2022, holders of life insurance contracts could still go under the radars of Pôle emploi. This is now impossible: the organization can consult the Ficovie file.

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In France, certain files supplied by the banks make it possible to bring together various categories of information. For life insurance contracts, it is the one named Ficovie which acts as a central point. And since March 20, 2022, certain advisers authorized by Pôle emploi can access it and consult the data. The goal? Help in the fight against social aid fraud, in connection with other measures already taken for current accounts and savings books. The ins and outs of this novelty.

A recent decree authorizes Pôle emploi to consult Ficovie

Ficovie is the file that centralizes all the information concerning French life insurance contracts. More specifically, it is contracts bringing together a capital of 7,500 euros or more that are concerned. Indeed, banks and insurers are obliged to transmit all the operations carried out on these contracts each year to the tax authorities, in charge of keeping and managing the Ficovie file. Until now, the main users of Ficovie were authorized agents of the Public Treasury as well as notaries, in the context of successions, and only on mandate from the heirs or beneficiaries. But that has just changed: on March 20, 2022, a new decree was published in the Official Journal.

From now on, authorized Pôle Emploi advisers are also authorized to consult this file. A suprise ? Not really, since Pôle emploi was already authorized to consult other files, in particular Ficoba, which lists all current accounts and household savings accounts, as well as Patrim, a database which makes it possible to obtain an estimate of the valuation of real estate. Access to Ficovie therefore only complements a system already in place, to give Pôle Emploi advisers a broader view of the financial and asset situation of certain recipients.

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What is the use of consulting the Ficovie file?

In addition to bank accounts, savings books and real estate, Pôle emploi advisers can now know the assets held on life insurance contracts. The decree nevertheless specifies that this consultation is reserved “for individually designated and specially authorized agents”, and this because of “the personal nature of the data listed in this file”. The objective of this decree is clearly stated: it is a question of strengthening control measures, and thus of being able to fight against fraud in social assistance, even though the amount of damage suffered by Pôle emploi in 2019 was estimated at 212 million euros by the Court of Auditors. It is here the Specific Solidarity Allowance, or ASS, which is fully concerned.

The ASS is an aid managed by Pôle emploi and distributed to unemployed people who reach the end of their rights. To be eligible, you must prove monthly resources of less than 1,183.70 euros for a single person, and 1,860.10 euros for a couple. At most, the amount of the ASS is 16.91 euros per day, or 507.30 euros for a month of 30 days. However, the payment of the ASS must take into account all the applicant’s resources, including interest and gains made on his financial investments. With the widening of access to the Ficovie file, the advisers of Pôle emploi will therefore be able to check that all the eligibility criteria are respected by the unemployed person arriving at the end of his entitlement and applying for a specific solidarity allowance.

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