prices are soaring and illicit trade is breaking records…

The more the price of cigarettes increases, the more tobacconists are avoided. Be careful, the parallel market is not the solution!

Huge tension around the distribution of cigarettes!

In four years, the price of an ordinary pack of cigarettes has increased by 3 euros. Admittedly, we are used to seeing a few variations here and there. However, when reaching the fateful double-digit price mark, consumers begin to ask themselves a thousand questions. What if they tried to get it unofficially? Thus, we hope to save a few euros. In addition, we have less remorse to put part of our salary in this addiction dangerous for health.

Dear reader ofObjectionSo many of you had this idea that we decided to investigate it. Before the first increase, the rate stagnated around 15%, but never exceeded 20%. Alas, targeting the same period, the verdict of the study Empty packaging survey gives chills. You are almost 37% to try to provide otherwise. Is this the solution?

The increase in the price of cigarettes responsible for the parallel market?

It didn’t escape anyone. These two years of pandemic have sown panic in everyday life. First of all, we had to organize ourselves with the work and the children. By making a makeshift office and learning the workings of videoconferencing, social interactions are rarer. Constantly with our nose in front of the computer, we get tired under our eyes and we think a lot more. Therefore, for smokers, the only way to alleviate this stress is to buy more cigarettes. According to a framework of secteverything shattered at that time. ” The health crisis has allowed a real acceleration of counterfeiting. » Putting himself in the place of smugglers, he declares. “the mafia networks have adapted their organization as well as their devices to satisfy this new consumer use“.

Almost a month ago, the legendary animator Jean-Pierre Pernaut flew to the stars. Suffering from several lung tumors, his entourage (friends, colleagues, family) did not hesitate to incriminate cigarettes as the main culprit. If you want to know the number of cigarettes he smoked per day, Objection suggest you read this article. It’s simple, by making the ratio in relation to the budget, you will fall backwards! We always believe that others come first and then ourselves. However, when this happens to us, we can only regret not having listened to the advice of relatives.

Mind-boggling numbers!

Lucide, the head of territorial relations for the sect has a dytirambic opinion on the matter. With our colleagues from South West, he has a serious tone. ” After four years of increases and while its taxation is the most [haute] Europe, France has a higher prevalence rate than the average for European countries. It’s time to change the approach to tobacco in France“.

Screenshot (c) Seita_Officiel (c) Twitter

Among tobacconists, we are aware that something is not quite right. The usual customers are deserting the premises. And for good reason. About 70% of consumers no longer want to buy in this way. As you will have understood, this lack of confidence comes from the price, but also from the change in appearance of the package. Like always, Objection tries to simplify things for you so as not to confuse your mind. If we add up counterfeiting as well as purchases outside France, that makes just under 40%. In Spain, a few kilometers from Perpignan, Le Perthus welcomes millions of visitors each year. True, local authorities limit the purchase of cartridges. But that’s not enough to limit the damage!

Screenshot (c) Seita_Officiel (c) Twitter

Specializing in current events in their region, our journalist friends from Sud-Ouest submit startling figures to readers. In the Aquitaine region alone, total sales outside the traditional circuit amount to 37.30%. But it is in Poitou-Charentes that the increase is the clearest since there are at least 21% of nicotine consumers who take refuge in the parallel market. Ouch, at this rate, we’re going into the wall!

And now ?

Elected in just under a month, the one who will replace Emmanuel Macron should work on this aspect. More than ever, the purchasing power of the French is in danger. The rest, we will give it to you and explain it in the next issue ofObjection ! So, we say see you soon for new adventures!

Thank you to our colleagues from South West

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