“These bosses ready to ruin entire regions should be expropriated,” said regional spokesperson LO

Hello Malena Adrada. You are the spokesperson in Occitania for the LO candidate Nathalie Arthaud. She does not hide it, she does not aim for the Elysée. How do you campaign and how do you invest for someone who will not be elected?

There are many who know who will not be elected since there will only be one elected. Many campaign knowing that they will not be elected. We campaigned to say that we must defend the labor camp and that we must overthrow this capitalized society because today it is leading us to catastrophe with the ecological crisis and the war in Ukraine. It is the consequence of a society in which everything is done to maximize profits with employees as cannon pulpits.

You are a school teacher, the countryside keeps you busy in addition to your busy job?

Yes it is a commitment. Because I am revolted, I find that this world is not going well at all.

Nathalie Arthaud is running for the Presidential for the third time, each time she won less than 1% and yet she was one of the first to obtain 500 signatures, did that surprise you?

No not at all. We get them every time. We are a militant party.

And yet the test does not turn into the ballot box.

We are presenting a program of combat, not a program of promises. The workers don’t feel able to fight for their wages, against the war in Ukraine, so today yes, people don’t vote for us. But tomorrow when it will be impossible to live, when there will be a social explosionI can tell you that we will be in the majority.

Is anti-capitalism on the rise in France?

I don’t know, in any case, the awareness that things are not going well, yes I believe.

What would Nathalie Arthaud have done to save the SAM foundry in Aveyron?

It should expropriate these bosses who to make more profits are ready to ruin entire regions. SAM employees are right to fight, it is not up to them to pay for this decision by Renault, rich with billions and which never makes sacrifices.

In aeronautics, which has a major place in our region, do you think that companies like Airbus have cut jobs on the backs of workers?

Sure. Airbus passes on the price of raw materials. But we, employees, we don’t have the means to do that. So we are fighting for substantial salary increases.

And yet the unions sign the agreements?

Some unions sign, others don’t.

In the street the fight of yellow vests has stopped, how do you explain it?

Today people are discouraged, demoralized, blows rain down on the heads of the employees; With a minimum wage it is impossible to get by given the increase in prices. We were told that there should be a minimum wage of 2000 euros, but if prices continue to rise, if necessary, it will not be enough. We what we say is that whoever the elected president is, he won’t do anything for us. And to say that you have to vote Nathalie Arthaud

Does this election make you sad?

No not at all. This is an opportunity to make our ideas known.

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