A dashboard to monitor the Swiss economy

A dashboard to monitor the Swiss economy
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It started with the (re-)discovery of the so-called “stop and go” economy. This strange phase, caused by the pandemic, confinements, closings, reopenings and then closings, which caused economic activity to waltz like never before from one year to the next, from one quarter to the next, sometimes even from month to month.

There was also the massive recourse to the reduction of working hours (RHT), which allowed potentially threatened employees to keep their jobs. And unemployed not to fly away. At least for now. But what will happen when the easy-to-use partial unemployment scheme comes to an end?

To have: Our dashboard of the Swiss economy

Over the past two years, tourist numbers have also experienced ups and downs, as well as a rebalancing of forces, between native and foreign visitors, between European and intercontinental tourists. Hotels and restaurants have gone through all the moods, most still having been able to count on a catch-up in 2021 which, no doubt, should continue this year, with the almost complete lifting of restrictions.

This post-covid catch-up, precisely, has been added since last year to the problems of disruption of global supply chains caused by the pandemic. Enough to generate quite unusual shortages in our globalized and interconnected world.

A demand that suddenly picks up and, opposite, an offer that can’t keep up? This is an ideal scenario for provoking a rise in inflation that had not been seen for several decades.

Small but clever

This Friday, moreover, the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) announced that the consumer price index (CPI) had reached an annual rate of 2.4% in March. In question, of course, the surge in energy prices, which have accelerated further since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

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In order to better understand the effects of these multiple and complex issues, to see how the small but skilful Swiss economy resists, or not, these unprecedented sequences of events, The weather worked for several weeks on the development ofa dashboard of the Swiss economy.

It is a concentrate, freely accessible on our website, of historical and current statistics. Inflation rates therefore, but also the evolution of GDP, foreign trade, unemployment and hotel nights, are and will be constantly updated, in the course of publications by the competent bodies. Five indicators, sometimes compared with those of other countries, which make it possible to permanently know the general state of health of our economy.

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