After the confinements, a clearance sale expected like spring in Vichy (Allier)

Low prices at all costs. After two years of absence, the spring sale returns this Sunday April 3, in Vichy, and finds its usual perimeter going to the place Lasteyras at the top of the rue de Paris. A large unpacking deployed along this artery of the city center and extending into the streets Clemenceau, Hôtel-des-Postes, Burnol, Roosevelt, Wilson, Lucas, and at the bottom of the rue Jaurès, in a context of lifting of the obligation to wear a mask.

Troublesome weather

A context that traders consider more favorable to attract buyers looking for bargains, provided, however, that the weather does not spoil the party too much. “Snow on a clearance sale day has never happened,” says Jean-Jacques Rouy, president of the Vichy Commerce association, who expects between two hundred and two hundred and twenty exhibitors. But the most annoying thing for us would be the rain. “As for the possibility of canceling the appointment, no question. “A clearance sale is two and a half months of preparation. Costs are incurred. Traders forecast stocks. We still believe it. »

Dispose of unsold items

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For many sedentary and non-sedentary attendees, post-lockdowns mean unsold goods. Installed rue de l’Hôtel-des-Postes, Angélique Di Cioccio has stocked her clothes racks for children at low prices, hoping to see everything disappear in one day. “I have lots of shorts and bermudas, explains the manager of the Rose et Chou store. It was the first confinement that bothered me the most. We were forced to close in March, when we had just received the new collection. As a result, I was overstocked in 2020. I am happy that the sale is taking place to sell as much as possible. »

Traffic and parking modified for the Spring Braderie in Vichy (Allier)

Like her, die-hards from rue de l’Hôtel-des-Postes and rue Sornin saved the furniture by organizing a neighborhood street sale in the fall of 2020, when the health context did not encourage Vichy Commerce to reschedule the major half-yearly unpackings. “2020 has been a special year. We have known the confinements, the summer sales have been postponed. No one was there, says Aurélie Sauron of the Darjeeling boutique. We wanted to sell our end of series to have a little cash and buy the new collections. »

20% of current month’s turnover

To hear the merchants questioned on the subject, a clearance sale is big. That of spring generates, for some, a result equivalent to 20% of the turnover of the current month. “It’s a big day. We sell items at low prices, but also pieces from the collection because visitors enter the store and have fun,” continues Aurélie Sauron.

The big autumn sale attracted the crowd this Sunday, October 10 in Vichy (Allier)

“When there is no clearance sale, it is a drop in the figure that is difficult to catch up afterwards,” adds Luiza Droguet, manager of the Blue Store store, in rue Clemenceau. Like other professionals, she notes a “change in consumption”, less visits to the store during the week, the need to remain present on social networks and to host live events so as not to break the link with the consumer. “2022 is an election year, there is the international context with Ukraine, the rise in fuel prices…, lists Luiza Droguet. So we’ll see. We hope to regain the dynamism of the sellouts before. Those where we find the store upside down at the end of the day. We believe in. »

Text: Estelle Dissay
Photos: Dominique Parat, Violaine Allirand, Gael Baud

Practical =>> The Vichy clearance sale takes place this Sunday, April 3, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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